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7 Beauty Brands We Wish Would Set Up Shop in Manila Soon

Can they please just come here already?
7 Beauty Brands We Wish Would Set Up Shop in Manila Soon
IMAGE Innisfree, Glossier, The Ordinary, Anastasia Beverly Hills
Can they please just come here already?

We can confidently say that Filipinas are beauty girls through and through. Whether it's skin care or makeup, none of us can deny the simple joys and shot of confidence that playing around with it can give. Whenever possible, we love trying on new beauty products from everywhere in the world, which explains our long list of brands we just want to get our hands on without having to go online and having to deal with shipping costs. What are some of them? Read our list below!

1. The Ordinary

The name of this brand undersells itself so much, because really, you'll rarely find products like theirs. They've put a great spin to skin care by mostly putting their ingredients in the spotlight than coming up with a catchy name to reel you in.

For example, instead of calling a product a brightening and acne-fighting serum, they have the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. Right off the bat, you know what active ingredients you're getting and their concentrations. It also doesn't hurt that none of their ingredient lists are miles long, with little to no unrecognizable and irritant additives. In short, this is a brand that caters to both skin care junkies and newbies, so why wouldn't you want a store like that to be everywhere?


2. Innisfree

Despite being marketed as a natural brand, Innisfree is never behind when it comes to beauty innovations. It actually has some of the best affordable skin care in Korea, and home to cult-faves like the Green Tea Seed Serum, Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Orchid Encriched Cream, plus cosmetic gems like their Skinny Mascara (the wand is tiny enough for your lower lashes!) and their diverse line of cushions. Speaking of which, the brand recently announced that they're releasing 14—yes, 14!—shades for their newest cushion foundation instead of the average three to four.

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So even if we have no shortage of K-beauty fever here in the Philippines, we're still watching the clock tick until this road shop giant sets up shop locally. You can buy some of their products online, but there's nothing like having the real thing!

3. Glossier

If we're talking demand, Glossier definitely has a big one in the country. The brand's "skin first, makeup second" philosophy speaks to almost every beauty lover out there, thanks to simple products that ooze practicality. Their Boy Brow gel and Cloud Paint  blushes are must-haves in our book!


Unfortunately, it's still only available online in the US, Canada, and the UK. At the rate things are going for them though, an expansion to Asia shouldn't be too far off. We just can't wait to stock up!

4. Charlotte Tilbury

British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's eponymous makeup brand is the perfect fit for the power woman. Her unique products guarantee an added punch of confidence without complicating your routine. As she once famously said, "Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world."


Our favorites include the Filmstar Bronze & Glow, which will simplify your highlighting and contouring routine, and there's the Magic Cream, an all-around moisturizer you can use under makeup and at night. There are more gems where that came from, but their packaging also deserves a shoutout. You'll just want everything on your vanity!


5. Anastasia Beverly Hills

What started as a brow-focused company has turned itself into a makeup authority. Be it eyeshadow, highlighter, liquid lipstick, or even a lip palette, Anastasia has got you covered. Besides, there must be a reason why their Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette became a worldwide hit and became a staple for every makeup artist. Let's also not forget their famous Contour Kits, that come both in cream and powder formulas. Without a doubt, having an Anastasia counter in the Philippines will be a blessing to our local artists.


6. Colourpop

Will the matte liquid lipstick craze have ever happened if not for Colourpop? We're not sure. The way they introduced such a vast color range for the Ultra Matte Lip was probably their best decision ever. Not to mention their insanely pigmented Super Shock Cheek highlighters that put some higher-end products to shame with its glow. And best of all, their makeup doesn't cost more than 10 dollars—that's 500 pesos!

Soon, Colourpop will be available in Sephora rather than exclusively online, so fingers crossed!


7. COSRx

Another K-beauty brand we love for skin care is COSRx. In case you haven't caught on, we're currently obsessed with minimalist skin care that champions effective ingredients. The Snail Mucin Power Essence, One Step Pimple Clear Pads, and Blackhead Power Liquid are some of our picks for sensitive and problematic skin. They have everything from gentle exfoliants, hydrating masks, and the newest oil-free moisturizer of your dreams. You can actually grab some of their products online, but we really just want this brand to be everywhere for everyone to try.

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