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Beat The 6 Sources Of Skin Damage That You Are Ignoring

Skin damage is lurking everywhere, even in the darkest corners.
Beat The 6 Sources Of Skin Damage That You Are Ignoring Skin damage is lurking everywhere, even in the darkest corners.

Skin damage is lurking everywhere, even in the darkest corners. Here are just some of the causes that people tend to ignore—and, at the end, one easy way to restore your skin.

1. Pollution

Because of its size, particulate matter like dust, smoke and allergens can easily penetrate deep into the skin and wreak havoc in the inner layers. Don’t be surprised if you get clogged pores, skin rashes and age spots when you are exposed to polluted air 24/7.


2. Sun

Sunbathing makes you feel all warm and gooey inside, but too much exposure accelerates skin ageing and increases the risk of having skin cancer. Did you know that the tanned look is actually the skin’s response to sun damage?

3. Black Light

The worst part about the sun’s rays is ultraviolet (UV) light. UV easily damages the DNA of skin cells and hinders growth – damaged cells are a breeding ground for cancer cells. People who attend black light parties and participate in school plays utilizing black light are not saved from these harmful rays.

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4. Dieting

Sure, the skin has elastic properties but continuous bouts of weight gain and weight loss can loosen up the skin’s fibers and bring about sagging and stretch marks – not pretty! Too much weight loss can also zap out the nutrients necessary for healthy and youthful skin.

5. Heavy Makeup

Wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis is just as bad as facing the city’s polluted air with your chin up. Makeup is supposed to make you look good but when overdone, especially eye makeup, it can cause long-term skin damage such as dermatitis.

6. Indoor Lighting

Here’s one to break the ultimate beautiful skin belief: staying cooped up indoors does not prevent skin damage at all. A study from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, suggests that compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs used in homes and offices emit radiation that increases the production of cancer-causing free radicals.


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