Be Confidently Beautiful In Your Own Skin Just Like Pia Wurtzbach StyleBible Preview
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Be Confidently Beautiful In Your Own Skin Just Like Pia Wurtzbach

Belo Exosomes is your key to healthy and radiant skin.
Be Confidently Beautiful In Your Own Skin Just Like Pia Wurtzbach

Toward the end of last year, the country watched once again as Pia Wurtzbach conquered another feat in her long list of achievements—a finishing medal at the renowned New York City Marathon. Admitting on social media that she started working on this athletic goal without even being able to run for short distances, the former Miss Universe’s accomplishments are testaments to her famous goal-setting tenacity. Now, seven years after her phenomenal beauty queen reign, she bagged one more worldwide win—this time with running shoes on and a big smile on her bare and
beautiful face.

“I’m confident facing the world in my natural self and in my own skin,” Pia shares. Veering from the curated, glamorous world of beauty pageants, Pia has come to reveal the raw parts of herself—from meaningful experiences with her family, personal time with her fiancé, to off-duty barefaced moments while traveling or working out. Indeed, being comfortable with your own skin is an X-factor in itself, and it’s because of this outstanding trait that Belo handpicked Pia Wurtzbach to be the face of its new skin solution, Belo Exosomes.

The Belo and Pia Wurtzbach relationship is a collaboration that was always bound to happen. Being ‘confidently beautiful’ plays on both of these beauty behemoths’ strengths—and with Belo Exosomes, now everyone can have the skin they’re confident in.

Extraordinary is the only way to put it—the Belo Exosomes treatment uses the revolutionary ASCE+ cell-signaling system. This system acts as skin-saving messengers that deliver information and instructions to regenerate cells, making it a breakthrough in anti-aging technology brought to the country by Belo. Available in all Belo clinics, Belo Exosomes is a topical or injected treatment that may be done as an add-on to a basic Belo facial, or incorporated into RF micro-needling treatments to aid in skin replenishment and regeneration. The result is youthful and vibrant skin, as famously sported by Pia Wurtzbach herself.

While Belo Exosomes may be a new treatment, the procedure’s skin-saving messenger cells help activate familiar and effective nutrients our skin knows and loves: fibroblasts that secrete collagen, immune cells that help improve skin healing and regeneration, hyaluronic acid for hydration, glutathione for skin brightening, and other vitamins, minerals, peptides, and growth factors that help transform the skin.

Transformation is truly the key here—Belo Exosomes is a progressive skin solution that aids in continuously improving skin without the need for surgery or invasive procedures, helping the skin look healthy and youthful when done regularly. This is what makes Pia Wurtzbach the ideal face for the product. After conquering the pageant world, maximizing her presence on the Philippine stage, and preparing for married life, she constantly finds ways to transform herself: conquering unfamiliar challenges and expanding her reach to other parts of the world, such as bigger Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Pia reflects on her ambassadorship by tying it back to her recent athletic success. In the words of the Belo Exosomes ambassador herself: “Belo Exosomes is like training for a marathon—it gets better and better the more you do it.”

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