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The Right Way to Apply BB Cream, According to a Makeup Artist

Ace that base!
The Right Way to Apply BB Cream, According to a Makeup Artist
Ace that base!

While getting her makeup done for Paris Fashion Week, Instagram's Eva Chen took the opportunity to teach her followers a thing or two about base makeup. She had her makeup artist for the day, Gregoris Prypylis, share his top tricks for applying what is perhaps every Asian girl's essential: BB cream. He had some pretty solid tips, and naturally, we just had to take notes and share with you guys! See them below:


1. Massage the cream with your fingers.

No tools? No problem. Gregoris says that the trick to applying BB cream with your fingers is massaging the product from the center of your face and then outwards. This will automatically give more coverage to areas that are prone to redness such as the nose, cheeks, and chin.

2. Or buff/dab the product with a brush.

If you prefer a brush, your options for BB cream application depend on how much coverage you need. For sheer coverage, the makeup artist suggests using buffing motions to work the product into the skin to achieve a natural effect. Meanwhile, for a medium to full coverage, light dabbing motions work best.

Gregoris prefers using a flat oval brush for even application. Shop for one below:


IMAGE Sephora, Nippon Esthetic

ARTIS BRUSH Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval in Size 7, P3602,; NIPPON ESTHETIC Dome 6 Face Brush, P600, Nippon Esthetic Philippines

3. Blend it down your neck.

On rare occasions that your BB cream doesn't perfectly match your skintone, simply blending the product downwards to your neck will prevent a masklike effect, according to Gregoris. It'll make your base look more natural, too!



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