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7 Kinds of Hair Brushes You Need to Know About

Know what best suits your locks.
7 Kinds of Hair Brushes You Need to Know About
IMAGE Beauty Bar
Know what best suits your locks.

Hairstylists stock up on different brushes for a reason. They deal with different clients with different hair types, needs, and requests, which means their tools should make them ready for anything. And if you want to achieve the same pro-level looks that they do, you need to start building your own kit, too! Here are our must-haves for daily styling needs:

1. Detangler

Hair junkie or not, a detangling brush always comes in handy. This is usually made with flexible bristles that don't tug too hard at your hair as you try to brush through knots. 


Goody TangleFix, P789.75, Department Stores

2. Cushion

To smoothen out your locks and give them extra shine, get yourself a sturdy cushion brush. This is also great for easy detangling since the cushion can be pushed downwards instead of putting all the pressure onto your scalp!

IMAGE Beauty Bar

Earth Therapeutics Plush Cushion Hair Brush, P525, Beauty Bar

3. Blow Dry Brush

What you use for blow drying depends on the look you want, but usually, brushes in this category have tightly-packed bristles that smooth out strands. A round brush may be best if you want that extra lift without using a curling iron.

IMAGE Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa Round Brush, P495, Rustan's Department Stores

4. Paddle

Fans of sleek, straight hair will love the paddle brush. It has a flat, wide base that lets you sweep any knots downwards to create a seamless finish. You can also use it to brush out any curls to make them look more natural.

IMAGE Beauty Bar

Denman Paddle Brush D-83, P999, Beauty Bar

5. Vent

A vent brush is named as such because it literally gives your hair ventilation to give it more volume as you blow dry. The gaps allow hot air to pass through and lift those sections. It also allows you to blow dry faster, since the bristles are too far apart to get caught in every knot.



Goody Neon Grips Vent Brush, P549.75

6. Denman

Named after a popular hairstyling brand, this brush is best for curly hair. The shape and bristles shorten detangling time significantly while defining your natural curls. 

IMAGE Beauty Bar

Denman Traditional Range D-3, P788, Beautymnl

7. Teasing

For thin hair or decade-inspired looks, keep a teasing brush in your vanity. This creates volume through friction and is best used near the roots.

IMAGE Beautymnl

Suesh Teasing Brush, P165, TriNoma


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