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Bad Beauty Habits You Should Ditch in 2020

Say hello to healthier skin and hair!
Bad Beauty Habits You Should Ditch in 2020
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Say hello to healthier skin and hair!

It's already 2020, and it's high time that you ditch bad beauty habits you've been practicing all your life. Unlearning these will help you score healthier hair and clearer skin in the future. It may take a lot of effort, but we're confident that you can do it!

Below, we list down the most common beauty mistakes you may be committing and how you can correct yourself:

1. Skipping conditioner

We know the sticky feeling of conditioners isn't appealing especially when you live in a hot, humid country like ours. Thankfully, there are now products that won't weigh your locks down.

Courtesy of Herbal Essences
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2. Not brushing your hair

You might be LOL-ing at this, but this seemingly harmless habit isn't helping your locks. Not brushing your strands leads to tangles and ugly hair bends. Plus, your tresses look frizzy!

3. Picking at pimples

Big red zits may be annoying, but squeezing them will just create more problems: Bacteria will spread and the damaged tissue will result in scarring. Calm down the bump and redness with pimple patches or acne spot treatments.



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4. Forgetting to apply skincare on the neck and chest

It's not just your face that needs skincare. Your neck and chest do, too! These areas are always exposed to UV rays and pollution, so they need extra help and protection. Slather sunscreen in the morning and moisturizer at night on both your neck and chest.

5. Disregarding exfoliation.

Exfoliating sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing fresher looking skin. It also unclogs pores, making them appear more refined. Search for products with AHA, BHA, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid on the label.


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6. Using expired makeup

Your lipstick may be limited edition, but girl, it's nonsense to keep it on your vanity and to use it for the next 20 years. Makeup expires, and your lippie is only good six to 12 months after opening it.

7. Letting old nail polish stay on for weeks

Don't let old nail polish stay on your nails for weeks. This bad habit can cause brittle nails—your digits won't be able to breathe and you may be tempted to peel them off yourself. Plus, it doesn't look profesh! Don't be lazy to grab a bottle of nail polish remover to take 'em off.

*This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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