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True Colors By Avon

Avon Cosmetics shows us what true colors should really look like.
True Colors By Avon Avon Cosmetics shows us what true colors should really look like.

Promises, promises. If you feel that you've heard the same thing again and again, global beauty giant, Avon Cosmetics, begs to differ. Based from their market study, consumers are much, much smarter and more discerning these days compared before. They want all things bigger, better, and multi-purpose--the more benefits in a simple tub of cream or tube of lipstick, the better!

To cater to the market's constant need for new and improved products, Avon came up with a new technology that shows the makeup's true colors. Simply put, if the makeup says teal, it comes out teal on the lids and not sheer teal. They call it True Color technology, the by-product of three years of intensive research focusing on color intensity where reds appear more red, pinks are more perked up, and plums are deeper. 



The first time we swiped the Lava Love lipstick on the back of our hand, a collective gasp ensued. It's seriously a true red. Aside from the pimped up hues, the packaging also gets a modern makeover. Each bullet, aside from the sleek wedding band design, has a top window so you can easily spot your shade in the sea of lipsticks in your makeup kit. Another thing to watch out for? The coolest shades of quad eyeshadow palettes and lip glosses! So makeup junkies, time to contact your Avon lady now to get first dibs on this collection! And oh, while you're at it, don't forget to tweet us your favorite shade! 

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