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Audra Garcia Of Davines Philippines

Davines Marketing Director Audra Garcia answers our frequently-asked hair questions.
Audra Garcia Of Davines Philippines Davines Marketing Director Audra Garcia answers our frequently-asked hair questions.

Last February 19, Davines Philippines held the 2013 World Style Contest where 10 contenders exhibited their special scissor- and hairstyling skills. The winner, Joni Maclang will be sent to Paris to compete against those chosen in other countries.

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Davines also launched their ammonia-free hair color line. A New Colour is now part of their permanent color range system, Davines ColorSpace. The demand for ammonia-free hair color has been constantly growing; its less-damaging properties on the hair cuticle and the mere fact that it doesn't have the usual nauseating smell of hair dye makes it a runaway hit. Style Bible was fortunate to chat with Davines Philippines Marketing Director Audra Lucero-Garcia. Read on for her answers to our most frequently-asked hair care questions.


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How long was the selection process for the World Style Contest?

There were a little over 90 applicants. We narrowed it down to 12 per judge. We started announcing the competition in early November, the deadline for entries was mid-January, and then we had two weeks to decide.

Were any interviews necessary?

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No naman; they answered an application form then had to answer questions like, what was your inspiration, what was the theme, and how long have you been in the industry.

Were there any tenure requirements?

We try not to limit—it’s a mix of junior and senior stylists. Some of the veterans like the thrill. We limited it in the past but we received complaints about it, so we decided to keep it open.

What are this season's hair color trends? People nowadays aren’t intimidated with the idea of dyeing their hair a different shade...

I think they’re more open to reds now—a lot of people are asking about our red shades. Our strongest shade is still ash but it’s natural. I’ve noticed in the recent past a lot of people are going into reds now; they’re more daring and bold.

How do you take care of red hair? It's hard to maintain its vibrant color because it fades easily.


It depends on the type of hair color that you use (whether it's ammonia-free or not). Some of it deposits only on the surface of hair so it washes out easily. You have to use a special shampoo. Also, the number of times you wash your hair affects it as well: Everytime you wash your hair, you wash the color out too. Try to limit the number of times you wash your hair. Mild shampoos are recommended, especially sulfate-free ones. It’s recommended for ammonia-free hair color because it sits on top of the cuticle and doesn’t penetrate the strands. 

What’s your best-selling product?

Our best-selling product is our hair color. In terms of retail products, Nounou shampoo and conditioner for nourishing hair. It’s available only in salons.

Are there any plans to distribute it to special department store and drugstores?

We carry professional products: You need a hairdresser to analyze your hair and recommend what you need for your hair type or condition. Our hairdressers are trained in our technical school and with their years of experience, they know which product suits you best.


More and more people are going for shorter haircuts. What hairstyles can you recommend to spruce up short hair?

For short hair, I think it’s good to texturize your hair so you see the cut. It’s very hard to have short hairyou have to have a very good hairdresser. The cut has to be precise. You use texturizing products to show the  precision. If you use a fiber-styling product you can actually show the texture. It’s also nice to flaunt the shine, because short hair is healthier, therefore it’s shinier... If it’s very short, it’s very healthy! It’s good to put on shine spray to show the sheen.

What hair trend do you think will never go away?

Bobs, because they're classic, especially since Filipinos are very conservative.

How do you think people take their hair for granted?

I think the common mistake is brushing hair when it’s still wet. It's very bad for hair because hair is weakest when wet, and can break with any type of friction like rubbing with a towel and using a brush. This opens up the cuticle and cause split ends. If hair is wet you have use a wide-toothed comb to prevent damage. 


How do you properly dry your hair?

You air-dry it for a while while combing it using your fingers. When it's half dried, you can use a hair dryer with a hot-air setting. Then seal the cuticles by blasting it with cold air. 

What's the difference?

Anything that's hothot water or hot airopens up the hair cuticle. Open cuticles are the culprit for dull hair. The reflection of light is in different angles because the hair surface isn't smooth. Cold air and cold water closes the cuticle. Imagine a roof: The scales overlap, and if one scale is open, light reflects differently, unlike if eveyhting is properly sealed then the light reflects well. The silicone in split-end menders fills in the cuticles.

Is it healthy to always use silcone on hair?

It's better if you keep it healthy of course. If it's open, you really have to seal it to prevent further damage. If you have time air-dry hair, it's better because hot air is really damaging but it makes hair dry faster. 


Also, the billion dollar question: How do you make curls last?

It helps to use heat-activated products of course, kasi our country is humid. Our hair is composed of permanent bonds and hydraulic bonds. Permanent bonds dictate the natural shape of hair, while hydraulic bonds change when your hair is wet. So when you wet your hair and then curl it, hydraulic bonds follow the shape when it's dried. The hydraulic bonds lock. But when it gets humid, moisture enters hair and changes it back to its original shape. I think to make it last, you have to seal the hair strands. There are heat-activated products (for pre-styling) that make the bonds last longer. Hairspray seals it, and then follow it up with a finishing product like a shine silicone serum or spray.

What makes Davines different from other products in the market?

Our brand belives in environmental sustainability; we use natural ingredients. We make sure that whatever we do has a minimal effect on the planet. Globally, Davines support salons that follow the concept of recycling, like using recycled water and don't use disposable bottles. Our bottles are made of PET and are refillable too.


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