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Ask An Editor: How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente discusses the solutions to banishing acne scars.
Ask An Editor: How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente discusses the solutions to banishing acne scars.

Q: How do I get rid of acne scars? 

A: We get this asked very often, the quest for finding the answer to clean perfect skin has been going on since forever. Most Filipinos are born with oily skin and it's no wonder that acne control is one of the most requested topic. Before we go head on with the unisghtly pimples, let's start by discussing prevention, healing, protecting, and finally vanishing acne marks.


Know the cause of your pimples. Is it hormonal? Is it because of your lifestyle? If it is hormonal, for example you feel like your period is paying you a few visit in a few days and you see random red pots appearing, the best you can do is not touch it. Never prick even if you are tempted to squeeze out its ugly head. Aside from your usual skincare routine, dab a spot treatment before you apply your non-comodegenic (it means it won't clog pores) moisturizer. Just wait for your period to pass and your skin would be clear again.


If you suspect the ugly red heads are showing because of your lifestyle, the age-old skincare tip would still reign supreme: Remove all makeup and dirt before going to bed. See our recommendations here and here. It also helps if you change your pillowcases and bed sheets every other day. We prefer satin sheets because it also helps prevent hair breakage.

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Zapping the Zit

I've mentioned earlier that you can spot treat your zit and never prick it. I know it's tempting but this will just worsen everything. Bacteria will spread causing more pimples, worse they would leave ugly scars behind. Clean the area first with an oil-controlling toner then lightly pat a tiny amount of spot treatment (look for the ones with Witch Hazel Extract, Tea Tree Oil or Salycilic Acid in it) on the affected area.  This will help calm the redness while healing it as the hours go by. Inflammation instigates the formation of skin discoloration, so it’s best to stop it at this point.



Sunscreen. Beauty editors, dermatologists, and beauty brands will never stop emphasizing on the importance of using sunscreen.  Aside from  its harmful aging effects, the harsh sun rays can make the blemish sting and inflamed. And when an inflamed pimple heals, the ugly dark spot appears and stays on.

Solve it

There are three kinds of acne marks; dark spots which are mostly skin hyperpigmentation, the shallow scars and, the ice pick scars. Dark spots are the easiest to get rid of. Look for creams and serums with Vitamin C, licorice or hydroquinone to fade away dark marks stat. We have our whitening and brightening top picks here.  For shallow scars, exfoliate your skin once to twice a week with a gentle peel loaded with fruit acids. You can also go to your trusted skin clinic and get skin renewing facials to help flatten the surface.  For deep ice pick scars, lasers and chemical peels are the go-to solution. Unfortunately, you can only expect 20-30% improvement since the cavity is underneath the skin.


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Ed's Note: Consult a dermatologist to find a treatment that is tailored for you. The article above is not to be taken as medical advice but only a guide to removing acne scars.

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