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Managing Editor Eunice Lucero shares some anti-hairfall tips.
Ask An Editor Managing Editor Eunice Lucero shares some anti-hairfall tips.

Q: Chlorine, sun exposure, dryness, coloring—my hair has gone through the ringer this season. How to prevent it all from (literally) going down the drain?

A: Invest in gentle haircare. Far be it for us in the fashion and beauty industry to judge what you do to your strands—me least of all, ex-high-maintenance redhead that I was—but a subtle yet effective regimen, something you can go back to when the chic hits the fan and the damage starts showing, is the first step. Lots of anti-hair loss options are out there, depending on your need: Some target breakage and moisture loss; some, like this one from L’Oréal and Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue line, target the root (trichazole, a patented ingredient, strengthens the follicle glue—yes, that sticky bulb at the end of your strand—and makes it lock onto your scalp). The result is significantly less hairfall when you rinse, and strands that are instantly bouncier and healthier.


Wet-hair tools are also essential, as well as styling products that also care for your mane while locking hair in place. Don’t forget the power of a natural tousle-dry; our weather is actually ideal for beach waves, and paired with a super-trendy lavender lip, you’re all set for end-of-summer sexy.

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