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What Exactly Is The "Asian Baby Girl" Makeup Look?

And here's how to recreate it, too.
What Exactly Is The "Asian Baby Girl" Makeup Look?
And here's how to recreate it, too.

When we think of typical Asian beauty looks, we see puppy eyeliner, pink blush, just-bitten lips, and glass-like skin. For a long time, it's been seen as the standard of East Asian beauty. There is, however, another trend that's been dominating our feeds for a few months now. Enter: Asian Baby Girl (ABG) makeup, a.k.a. the complete opposite of what was mentioned above.


What is the classic Asian Baby Girl makeup look?

A classic ABG makeup look is typically composed of false eyelashes, smoky eye makeup, dramatic winged eyeliner, full-coverage foundation, strong eyebrows, and a contoured face. For those who really commit to the transformation, they draw a full tattoo sleeve and drink copious amounts of milk tea or boba.

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It's a stark contrast from the usual Korean, Chinese, and Japanese makeup trends that are usually conservative and ultra-feminine in nature. In a way, the rise of the ABG "baddie" look defies East Asian beauty standards by allowing girls to adopt certain aspects of Western makeup and making it their own.


Sounds interesting! Where can I learn more about this trend?

If you want to try it out for fun and transform yourself into an Asian Baby Girl, you can follow these Asian YouTubers' tutorials:

1. Sarah Cheung

If you search "Asian Baby Girl makeup tutorial" on YouTube, Sarah's video is the first one to pop up, and for good reason, too—she really went all out! Aside from the snatched makeup look, she also put on a full tattoo sleeve, had nail extensions, and sipped milk tea, too!

2. Michelle Choi

Michelle typically sports the classic Korean makeup look—straight brows, dewy skin, soft wash of eyeshadow, and rosy cheeks. For her ABG transformation video, she turned into the complete opposite!

3. Toni Sia

This trend isn't just limited to Asian-Americans—recently, Filipina YouTuber Toni Sia uploaded her transformation, too! We normally see her in peachy makeup looks, but she took a break from her signature sweet makeup style and brought out her so-called inner baddie.


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