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Artista Brows Are Out!

Ditch your brow pencils. Presenting: The Porcupine Brow.
Artista Brows Are Out! Ditch your brow pencils. Presenting: The Porcupine Brow.

Monika Sta. Maria sports spiky brows in Preview June 2013. Photographed bv Roy Macam.

The last time there was an animal brow, it was the skinny, overtweezed tadpole of the 90s. But did you know that the blocky arches that seem to be a non-negotiable on artista contracts (check every #MidweekCelebritySelfie roundup we've ever made) is quickly going out of style, too?


Chloe S/S 2015 (MAC)

Blame it on the freshness movement. Or the rise of French girl beauty. But as MAC makeup guru Romero Jennings says, the hard, over-drawn brow of Internet tutorials is a little too masculine. "Brows now have to be tailored to each individual's face and eye shape," he said at their Spring/Summer 2015 trends presentation. "It's about balance." Else, you could end up looking like an angry bird.

Instead, he presented some key looks that suggested another animal: the Porcupine Brow.

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Desigual S/S 2015 (MAC)

Full but not over-drawn, it had that Cara Delevingne spike and volume, created not by virtue of a pencil, but a clear brow gel, swept up and through the hairs in an upward motion. In the words of Shu Uemura's Omar Ermita, "Brush up." If there's one thing you must do to your face-framers when you awake, it's that.


MAC Brow Set in Clear, Php1000, Power Plant

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