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The Foodstagrammer's Guide To Nutrition

Are you really gonna eat that?
The Foodstagrammer's Guide To Nutrition Are you really gonna eat that?

Your latest #foodstagram might have looked divine for your expertly curated Instagram grid, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you. FYI, while that sinful chocolate cupcake will no doubt reap lots of insta-hearts and perhaps a few more followers, too much of it can also spell trouble in the health department.

Here, we list down ten of the most popular #foodstagram posts we fashion girls love to double-tap on. Read on and find out which ones are actually healthy and which ones are in fact better off in your Instagram feed.


Candies are like crazy girlfriends. They can be dangerously sweet and lethally saturating. So take our advice, ladies: Keep it in moderation!


Who said only desserts are worthy of an insta-heart? Fresh produce will also add more color to your life—and to your IG feed!


A bowl of Froot Loops doesn't exactly count as fruit. While we suggest you keep the sugar and fat content in check, it also won’t hurt to add something extra like berries and granola. Trust us, it’ll not only make your cereals taste better, it’ll also make your Instagram post more likeable!


Nobody’s ever too old for ice cream! A scoop can instantly make our inner little girl jump for joy, and if you ever run out of ideas on what to foodstagram, it always does the trick. Be warned, though.  All that sweetness can lead to heartbreak, and we mean literally.


The most popular IG accessory when foodstagramming at the beach! Apart from the fact that this coconut shell will score you the extra likes you’re hoping for, you’d be happy to know that it’s also fat and cholesterol free, low in calories, and high in potassium. So go ahead, take a sip and hydrate yourself after snapping that photo!



An insta-hoe’s best friend—no questions asked! Just make sure you actually peel it off and give it a taste after you’re done with the photo op. It would be such a shame to put all that vitamin C and dietary fiber to waste.


Ditto for watermelons! It provides a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories. And the best part? It adds a nice pop of red to your Instagram grid.


There’s nothing wrong if you take a bite or two of that ooey gooey red velvet goodness that tastes just as divine as it looks in your Instagram post. But if you want to fit into that size four dress you just bought a week ago, we suggest you stop yourself from devouring a box of twelve on your own.


These pretty cream-filled sandwich cookies aren’t exactly healthy, but compared to one whole cupcake, a macaron is definitely lighter and has fewer calories. It’s guaranteed to make your followers double-tap in a heartbeat, too!


They’re delicious, fairly easy to make, and contain natural ingredients that are actually good for you. Pour it into a Mason jar and voila! You've got yourself an Instagrammable beverage that’s a lot healthier than those caramel frappuccinos that set you back a hundred and fifty bucks!

We've got a great green juice recipe HERE.

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Images via Instagram. Collages by Yayay de Castro

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