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Are You Killing Your Hair?

Read on to find out if you're actually damaging your locks without even noticing.
Are You Killing Your Hair? Read on to find out if you're actually damaging your locks without even noticing.

Dry, damaged hair is a definite no-no. We live in a country where the weather conditions are so extreme, it can take its toll on our tresses even if we feel like we’re already doing what we can to make sure it’s a-ok. However, we all have to admit that we can’t always blame the weather. There are just some things we can’t help but do to prettify our locks, which in return, damage it more than we think.  What you'll find below are things you probably already know, but you choose to do anyway, admit it, we're correct, right? Find out which one is the mane culprit for your hair woes by scrolling down.


Some say that we shouldn’t shampoo our hair every day, while others who have healthy locks say that they wash their locks twice a day. It gets confusing, we know. But it all boils down to your lifestyle. If you’re just at home the entire Saturday, lathering once is fine; while if you had an intense physical activity, would you really want to go to bed without showering? Just make sure you look for a product that caters to your hair needs and that you only use the right amount.



We bet you didn’t know this, but your hair is at its weakest after showering. We suggest you dry it up with a towel and air-dry a bit before you begin brushing. And in case you’ve forgotten, we’ve also discussed the importance of using the right brush—the one that will massage your scalp, distribute oil evenly, and provide you with hair growth that is stronger and more lustrous. Find out if you’re using the right one for you as we tackle this issue here.


It’s not only the boys who are guilty of using a bunch of hair product. Dry shampoo, hair spray, keratin sprays, and various serums may all prettify our crowning glory, but just like anything in this world, overuse can damage in the long run. If you can do without them, then please do.



Air-dry if you can! If you really can’t, then at least air-dry half the process. Blow drying your hair when it is soaking wet damages it the same way brushing right after showering can. Also, make sure that when you blow dry, you do not put it too near your scalp; too much heat will not only hurt your locks, but your scalp as well.


Same with the blow dryer, a flat or curling iron can also cost you your shiny mane. Combining heat and pulling (in order to style it the way you like it) is a recipe for disaster. On special occasions when it is absolutely necessary, just do yourself a favor and kindly use them gently and with care. There's no need for tugging. 



When coloring your hair, always remember what happened to Ariana Grande. (Read the full story on why her hair is really styled only one way in here.) The moral of the story is simple: give your hair time to breathe if you don't want to go bald. 

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