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Are You A Good Girl Or Bad Girl?

Prettify your Valentine persona with our GIF tutorial.
Are You A Good Girl Or Bad Girl? Prettify your Valentine persona with our GIF tutorial.

During V-day, two types of girls emerge from the crowd: the "good girl" who goes on a romantic date with her significant other and the "bad girl" who goes looking for trouble with all her gal pals. Whether you’re one or the other, an appropriate beauty look is key to pulling off your pre-mediated Valentine look.   

Let’s get started!


  1. Line your eyes using a liquid liner and wing it out for an elongated effect.
  2. Using a purple eye shadow, line the outer half of your lower lash line.
  3. Reach for a shimmering gold eye shadow and use it to line the inner part of your lower lash line. This highlights the area and helps make your eyes look brighter.
  4. Curl your lashes and build them up with two coats of mascara for a fluttery and flirty come hither stare.


    1. Apply a shimmering metallic shadow onto your lids.
    2. Use liquid liner to create a strong line.
    3. Wing out your liner and extend the line upwards. Connect this line and trace out your crease by making a line going halfway along your eyelid. (Tip: If the line looks too strong for you, you can soften it by blending the same metallic shadow over the line.)
    4. Apply a strong contour under your cheekbones and leave your cheeks bare (Don’t know how to countour? We’ve got you covered.)
    5. Finish off with nude lippie and get ready to attract the right kind of attention with your sultry gaze. 

      Produced by Janey Aniban and Ira Nopuente

      Photography by Dairy Darilag

      Makeup by Amanda Padilla

      Hair by Elaine Gañuelas

      Model: Linn Oeymo

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