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Are Brazilian Waxes Bad?

We ask Dr. Rebecca Singson if they can be bad for your hygiene.
Are Brazilian Waxes  Bad? We ask Dr. Rebecca Singson if they can be bad for your hygiene.

While strutting your stuff in your bikini at the beach, you need all the confidence you can get. Having to stomach going out in public half naked can cause you enough emotional anxiety that having to worry about unsightly hair should be your last priority.

For some women, brazilian waxes are the answer to this touchy predicament. Although often not a necessity, having it all taken off is the safest bet to feeling totally secure about frolicking on the shore. The question is, can stripping the delicate area of all its hair be a bad thing. Dr. Rebecca Singson, Chairperson of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at St. Luke's Medical Center Global City gives her take on the matter.

"A Brazilian wax being hygienic or not depends upon the circumstances under which it is performed. If the patient does not wash the area prior to waxing, it is possible to introduce bacteria around the hair follicles that have been stripped away with the wax.

Furthermore, sticks used to apply the wax should be disposed after each client so there is no possibility to spread any skin disease from one woman to another.

Thirdly, waxing should not be done while the woman has her period because aside from the skin being more sensitive, the blood is a good culture medium for bacterial growth so with the open pores from which hair has been stripped, bacteria can easily enter and promote colonization."

But although you should be safe when in the right waxer's hands, Dra. Singson does note some infections you can incur such as a skin burn (when the wax is heated too high), and infection of the hair follicles which happens when the naturally occurring protective bacteria turns pathogenic when the skin is broken during the wax.

"A report in 1986 from Australia showed that a number of women who had their leg waxed develop Pseudomonas Folliculitis. This refers to bacterial colonization of the hair follicles by the bacteria Pseudomonal producing pimple-like lesions. The ideal way to eliminate bacteria during leg waxing is to maintain the temperature higher than 105.8F (41C) till 150F. "

But Dra. Singson does note that brazilians can be the hygienic choice because there is less possibility for absorption of moisture that can lead to odor.

So for those of you that are mentally and physically prepared for the tear-inducing pain, this mother of all waxes is pretty much safe. Just make sure you go to a trusted waxing salon, always check out your surroundings to make sure the room is clean and don't be afraid to ask your waxer to properly sanitize before handling your delicate area.

–Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

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