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All the Bright Hair Colors Arci Muñoz Has Tried and Pulled Off

From wigs to real dye jobs!
All the Bright Hair Colors Arci Muñoz Has Tried and Pulled Off
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/ramonathornes
From wigs to real dye jobs!

Give Arci Muñoz any hair color and you'd be hard pressed to find one she can't pull off. The actress-singer is a true hair chameleon, and an adventurous one at that—she has the track the record to prove it! In fact, she recently posted a montage of her favorites on her Instagram, which goes way back to the start of her color journey.

This, of course, had us scrolling farther down her feed to pick out some of her greatest hits. Check them out below!

1. Split pink

Arci may love her lacefront wigs, but this recent color switch is 100% real!

2. Ombré pink

This dainty ombré look was the perfect entry-level color for a full pink 'do.

3. Teal

Red isn't the only hue to try for instant mermaid hair. Teal is just as bright and fun, and if you're not ready for the commitment try it in wig form first!


4. Ombré teal

A black and teal ombré is just as bright but way more low-maintenance. It looks amazing braided, too!

5. Blonde

These blonde tresses on Arci screams bombshell. Here's to hoping she'll give it a go again soon!

6. Ombré violet

If her Instagram bio and this lacefront wig's frequent appearances are any indication, we'd say that this is definitely the actress' favorite hue. A cool, violet-haired maiden, indeed! 

7. Violet

But then, the ombré look is no match for a full head of the actress-singer's favorite onstage color.

8. Tri-color

Why stop at two hair colors when you can do three? This throwback photo of Arci agrees.

9. Ombré gray

Another well-loved ombré piece from Arci's collection is this black and gray one. Apparently, it was her first lacefront wig ever, and the one that made her try more. You probably saw her wear it in our Best Dressed shoot in 2016, where she put it up in a messy bun.


10. Ombré purple and pink

Arci is proof that there are tons of ways to rock pink hair, this two-toned pastel dye job included.