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Did You Know? AR Filters That Will Guide You While Putting on Makeup Actually Exist

They're quite genius!
Did You Know? AR Filters That Will Guide You While Putting on Makeup Actually Exist
They're quite genius!

Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), looking good on social media has never been easier. There are tons of beauty filters that allow us to look like we’re wearing makeup. Some AR filters even go as far as to altering the shape of our faces, which has become quite the controversial topic because of its effect on people's self-esteem. 

But what if, rather than using face-altering beauty filters, we could use filters teaching us how to put on makeup instead? Imagine filters that teach us to accentuate our natural God-given features instead of morphing them into fitting certain beauty standards. And that’s exactly what Grace Choi, owner of 3D makeup printing company Mink Beauty, did. 

LOOK: These AR Filters Can Help You Learn How to Put On Makeup 

Putting on makeup isn’t as easy as most people think. It takes hundreds of tutorials and years of trial and error to figure out how to properly use different products and tools and even longer to figure out the proper techniques that suit your particular features and face shape. But no need to worry, because with Grace’s Contour, Eyeliner, and Eyebrow filters, learning how to do makeup has not only become easier, it’s become more personalized and immersive too.

ICYDK, Grace is the creator of the first ever 3D makeup printer. Now, she uses her love for both beauty and technology to create useful beauty filters on TikTok. Using the power of AR, she’s created these easy to use guides (that have since gone viral) that project onto your face like any beauty filter. All you have to do is trace the lines with your makeup. Need a demonstration? Check out these videos from Grace herself:

Ready to give these AR filters a try? Visit Grace's TikTok account and you'll find all the different beauty filters she's made there. She even has filters to help determine your specific face shape and how to properly conceal and color correct your undereyes. 

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