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Here's Why You Should Learn To Apply Makeup With Your Fingers

Your fingers can do some prettifying wonders, too!
Here's Why You Should Learn To Apply Makeup With Your Fingers Your fingers can do some prettifying wonders, too!

You wake up in the morning only to realize you’re late. You rush to the shower, grab the first piece of clothing you find in your closet and rush out to the morning traffic. If that is the story of your life then you’ve probably also tried putting on makeup with your fingers in the car. Yes, we love our complete line of soft bristles, but there are just those days when there simply is no time for leisurely applying makeup with a brush. It may be unhygienic for a makeup artist to apply makeup on you with his/her fingers, but there really is nothing wrong with it when you’re doing it to yourself. Truth be told, there are actually a lot of things your fingers can do that your brush can’t.  Scroll down to learn the basics of the art of finger painting. 


Double wear stay-in-place lipstick; Pure color long lasting image both from Estée Lauder

Applying lipstick directly to your pouts can either result in too much product resulting in an overdrawn lip. If you want more natural looking puckers, try applying lipstick using your fingers. It will subtly stain them and you wouldn't have to worry about the product bleeding. 

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Blush in apricot and Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks both from Bobbi Brown

Powder, cream, and liquid cheek tints can all be applied using your fingers to get that rosy glow. The warmth of your fingers actually help melt the product onto your face evenly, making the application easy-breezy. Use your middle finger and  lightly blend a small amount of product from the cheek bone toward the temples.


Cats Wink Shiny Skin Foundation, P378; Face Mix Skin Foundation in Mix Vanilla, P678, both from TonyMoly

Did you know that using a brush or a sponge to apply your face base actually costs you to waste product? Yup, a huge chunk of your expensive foundation is only absorbed by your tool leaving you to buy more tubes or bottles in a year. By using your fingers, you are sure that every drop really goes to your face, plus, just like your blush, the heat from your fingers will help the foundation stick better. The same goes for your concealer. 


Total Intensity shadow in Addiction,Hypnotized, and Obsesssion, P545 each,Prestige Cosmetics at Beauty Bar

You can smudge, blend, and create a natural finish all by using your fingers when applying eye shadow. You reduce the risk of getting racoon eyes after as less poduct falls under your eye and you also get to remove the excess with just one swipe of a clean finger. Just make sure that you use a different digit for each color so the colors don't get mixed up and dirty. 


High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl, both from Benefit Cosmetics

You don't need a lot of highlighter so spreading a drop of the product with your middle finger in a dabbing motion is the way to go. Simply apply a small amount of the product on your brow and cheek bones for a no-fuss glowing effect. 

At the end of the day, the most important rule you will need to keep in mind is that your hands should be clean. You wouldn't want to get unwanted bacteria that will only cause you unwanted zits just because you forgot to sanitize before putting on makeup, right?

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