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Anne Curtis Reveals Her Fitness Secrets

Anne Curtis Reveals Her Fitness Secrets The National Sweetheart shares how she's achieved her smashing bod, and believes you can do it, too!

Anne Curtis' abs #selfies have us wanting to burn calories and hit the gym pronto. She's truly the ideal girl for Century Tuna's latest Superbods 2014 campaign with John Lloyd Cruz in tow. What makes this year's Superbods more exciting than the previous ones is that the program encourages everyone to join Anne in the road to fitness and that includes a challenge for John Lloyd to get fitter in 60 days. 


The National Sweetheart convinces everyone that anyone, yes anyone, can own abs. "Everyone has abs; it's just hidden underneath a layer of chubbiness," she declares. 



Here, she shares some of her fitness routines to help you kick off a healthy lifestyle. Read on!

  • Make time. Despite her busy schedule (she works past midnight!), Anne makes sure she never forgoes working out. "If I have to wake up extra early, I will make that sacrifice," she confessed.
  • If you have a sedentary lifestyle, take it easy first. "Try brisk walking. It may be on the treadmill, but personally, I like walking outdoors, around the village. Then a light jog."
  • Get a trainer. "A trainer will help you a lot especially if it's been so long," she explained. Trainers may sound expensive for some, but they do tailor your fitness routine for optimal results.
  • Follow a workout and diet plan. "Having the proper meal plan works," she reveals. "You’ll also notice that if you have a change of diet, you’ll see a difference. What makes you bloat instantly or what doesn't... You'll know what to avoid. You become informed and educated," she further adds. The  Century Tuna Superbods website has 150 doable and affordable recipes that will help trim notorious belly fat and other plump areas. Also, there are workout videos that anyone can follow to tone the muscles.
  • Mix it up. "I’m doing plyometrics and insanity workout which is pretty hardcore, but it’s actually working for me. I also like to do some weights. The video on the site also instructs everyone to have a healthy mix of everything."
  • Have a fitspiration. "I posted photos of my fitspiration on my bathroom wall so I'm determined to look and feel good for 2014," Anne bubbly suggests. In case you're curious of who her fitspirations are, she reveals, "Candace Swanepoel, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow's arms!"
  • Take post-workout selfies." I do it everyday so that I see the progress. I highly recommend that you take photos (of yourself) so that you can see the changes."
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