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7 Anne Curtis-Inspired Makeup Color Combos to Try in Your Next Selfie

Don't be afraid to play with colors!
7 Anne Curtis-Inspired Makeup Color Combos to Try in Your Next Selfie
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Don't be afraid to play with colors!

Anne Curtis is never one to shy away from color, be it her outfits or makeup. That said, the way she can pull off every shade imaginable is also because she knows her color theory and how to work it to her advantage! Below, we list a few makeup color combos she's tried and looked amazing in, plus notes on how to cop the look yourself!

1. Green + Peach Lips

Forget about mermaid waves for a bit and channel your inner sea queen with a wash of emerald green on your eyes instead. Wear it with a complementary orange lip for a subtle tint that won't clash with your peepers.


2. Fuchsia + Muted Pink

Applying a vivid hue on your eyes warrants a muted lip, but to keep the look more uniform with your fuchsia-colored lids, go for a lip color that's still in the pink family. A true rose that isn't too brown or blue will do the trick!

3. Pink + Fuchsia

This color combo also works in reverse! The fuchsia lip will tie your look together and keep the pink eyeshadow from making you look under the weather.

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4. Blue + Nude

It's hard to compete with an electric blue, so if it becomes your color of the day, opt for an almost-bare nude lip. This will let the brighter shade shine and balance out your features. In fact, a nude gloss will finish off the look just as well!



5. Brown + Reddish Brown

Going for a '90s vibe? Stick to a brown color palette for your eyes and lips. Start with blending a dark brown eyeshadow all over the lids, and then carefully apply a matte reddish brown lipstick like Anne did here!


6. Peach + Peachy Nude

For an effortless combo, you simply can't go wrong with monochrome eyes and lips. Try this peach-on-peach look for size—it's perfect for an everyday look!

7. Orange + Pink

To confidently rock an orange eye, opt for an equally bright rosy pink lip. The subtle contrast will give you a bright, refreshing look that's perfect for spring!


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