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Angelo Justin For Mane Depot

Testing a cut, color and treatment from Ortigas' newest salon.
Angelo Justin For Mane Depot Testing a cut, color and treatment from Ortigas' newest salon.

Trying out a new salon for the first time is always a bit daunting. So I did what every girl in this situation would do—I brought a friend to take the jump with me. Who better to bring along than my perennial beauty lab rat, Jacque de Borja.

Walking into Angelo Justin for Mane Depot, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Nestled in the heart of the Ortigas Business District in Linden Suites, amidst the traffic and pollution of the city, entering the salon is a welcomed breathe of fresh air. The primarily white interiors are warmed with dashes of cobalt, rust and mustard through the wall tiles, upholstery, and stained glass windows, transporting you to a home in Santorini.

Greeted by Angelo Justin, an internationally trained hair stylist who's banked over 30 years in the industry, we each sat down to consult about our treatments.

Having recently just gotten seven inches cut off, I wasn't ready for yet another drastic change, so I opted to get a cellophane treatment. Jacque on the other hand, was ready to fully commit to a cut and perm.

Jacque's Take
Treatment: Cut and Perm
Price: Haircut starts at P500, Permanent Wave starts at P2500

When we got to the salon, I made sure to tell Angelo that I had really thin hair due to major hair fall and am currently using treatments from my dermatologist to remedy the situation. He said that it wouldn't be a problem so I decided to push through with getting a perm.

I originally wanted a shoulder length cut, but Angelo suggested just putting in more layers since once curled, my hair length would shorten considerably as the curls rose.

Before we started, he showed me the size of the curlers and told me the look we were going for was big beach waves, which is a current trend. After the solution was placed and set, I noticed that my hair was looking kinky, but I ignored it because I heard him say that they were going to use hot rollers after drying to achieve the big curls.

After heating my hair with large barrels for a few minutes, bouncy curls emerged, which I really loved. My hair had the volume that I lacked before the perm and I must say, it really looked nice. I asked Angelo if it was going to look like this after washing but he cautioned that I had to use rollers. I got a bit worried because I am used to wash and wear hair.

After 48 hours, when I was allowed to wash my hair, I got a bit disappointed because my curls were smaller, far from the big waves that I had at the salon. The next day, I washed my hair, added anti-frizz serum and used medium-sized curlers. The result was not quite like it had originally looked but it was okay.

In the end, I realized that a perm is not meant for someone who wants a wash and wear hairstyle. Perms require maintenance and effort, with the use of the right products to keep curls in tip top shape. Now, my hair is a bed of smaller curls and I'm actually getting used to the look. I'm learning to just work it!

Reggie's Take
Treatment: Cellophane
Price: Starts at P1650

Having tan colored skin, I'm always a bit iffy about getting my hair colored for fear of it resulting in a brassy head of hair. Cellophane, which is a semi-permanent gloss treatment, was the ideal choice for me since it usually washes out in six to eight weeks. Also, instead of totally going lighter or darker, a Cellophane Treatment merely casts a transparent layer of color.

Looking through his swatches, Angelo picked out a champagne shade to apply. Now I've always loved champagne but I wasn't sure how much I would love it on my hair. But putting my trust in his expertise, I thought, bottoms up!

After the hour long treatment, my hair emerged shiny and bright. I loved the subtle change that the cellophane gave me. The champagne color cast a honey tone on my naturally dark brown hair. Even now, a few weeks later, I'm pleased with how much more vibrant my hair color looks with no signs of dryness.

Overall, I think we both had a pleasant experience at Mane Depot. The biggest plus of the salon is definitely the cozy vibe of the place. Accommodating only six to seven people in the salon at one time, a visit feels personal and private, sans the loud parlor chatter, which always adds unnecessary stress.

The prices at the salon are also really reasonable, especially considering the personalized treatment that you get from the staff.

To book your own appointment at Angelo Justin for Mane Depot, see the Salon and Spas Directory.

—Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

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