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An Inside Look at the First Tom Ford Store in Manila

The entire Private Blend collection is here!
An Inside Look at the First Tom Ford Store in Manila
IMAGE Erika Dupali
The entire Private Blend collection is here!

Well, finally—we know you’ve all been thinking the same thing. Tom Ford Beauty has made it to our shores, and very soon (if not already), to our purses and dressers. Whether you’re a longtime cult follower and fan and you buy your scent abroad, or you’re a beauty newbie and are about to discover the wonders of Mr. Ford, we are all about to change our lives.

One, because the whole Private Blend collection is here. We can’t wait for you to sniff the super sexy Santal Blush, which is woodsy, light, musky, and feminine at the same time. Two, his Soleil collection, made for the jetset is also there. Three, we’re too excited for you to pick up a lipstick, whether it’s from the full-size line or from the clutch-sized Lips and Boys line, named after the men in Tom Ford’s life. Fun fact: There is literally a shade named after Drake and you’ll see in the video how cute and chic it is (it’s probably something Rihanna will wear *wink wink*). Also, more Drake and Tom Ford facts: The scent Tuscan Leather came before the song, FYI. Fun fact #2: By 1PM on opening day last Friday, the shade Cary already sold out! Now let that sink in. Can’t wait to shop? Walk through the counter with us in this little video tour we made for you.


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