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5 Alternative (and Creative) Ways to Use Your Red Lipstick

5 Alternative (and Creative) Ways to Use Your Red Lipstick
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Did you know it can help you "fix" lipsticks you don't like?

Thinking of new and creative ways to use your makeup staples isn't just for when you're bored and have nothing to do. These nifty tricks actually come in handy, too, especially when you're downsizing your kit or want to make the most out of your products.

Red lipstick, for one, is one beauty must-have that can definitely be used for more than just making a bold statement. You'll be surprised by the many other uses you have for this highly-pigmented product. From creating alternative makeup tints to correcting color, who knew this vibrant hue could be so versatile?

Ahead, we list five ways to repurpose your favorite stick of rouge:

1. As an all-over tint

Yup, you can create a full look with just your red lipstick! Thanks to its creamy texture, it works well as a makeshift cream eyeshadow and blush, as long as you apply it carefully (check out some MUA-approved tricks here!). In just a few swipes, you'll have a complete monochrome makeup look without having to use so many products. Just remember, the key is to pat it on a little at a time and blend, blend, blend 'til you reach the desired effect.


2. As an eyeliner

Don't have colored eyeliner in your stash? Use a red lipstick instead, and see how it practically does the same thing! If you want something budgeproof, use a liquid lipstick and apply it with an eyeliner brush for extra precision. But if you need something a little more forgiving, swiping your brush on a regular lipstick bullet is perfect for those who don't have such a steady hand.

P.S. Don't forget to sanitize your lipstick before putting it close to your eyes to prevent infection! (Dipping your lipstick bullet in a 70% alcohol solution for at least 30 seconds will kill the bacteria. Wait 15 minutes before using the product.)

3. As a color corrector for dark circles

People putting red lipstick on their dark circles became popular online for how effective it is at hiding discoloration. The way it works is that since red is on the opposite of blue and green on the color wheel, it can actually help color-correct the dark tones of undereye bags before you cover them up with concealer.

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That said, although this can be effective, only do it when you're in a pinch! Aside from lipstick being too creamy to be used under the eyes, red color correctors tend to look too harsh on lighter skin tones but work well on darker skin tones. Here's the viral tutorial that shows yuo exactly how to do it:

4. As a mixer to "fix" your lipsticks

This one is a DIY project that will help you use up your failed nude lipstick buys. By that, we mean those lip colors that you thought would work for you, but they ended up looking a bit too pale to work as a proper "my lips but better" option.

First, you'll have to depot your nude lipstick by scooping it out of the tube and transferring it into a clean container—an empty lip balm tin or a lip palette would work! And then, grab a red lipstick (that you don't mind cutting up) and slowly add small pieces of it into the container with the nude lipstick, mixing them together to create a brand new color. As you add more red, swatch the lipstick to check on the shade, and stop adding once you achieve your ideal hue. 

5. As a "tint" for a do-it-yourself tinted lip balm

If you're tired of using plain clear balm on your lips, here's another DIY project for you. Start off by scooping a red lipstick out of its bullet and into a bowl, and then add twice the amount of petroleum jelly into the mix (the jelly will be the lip balm!). Place the bowl in the microwave for around 40 seconds or until the red lipstick melts. Stir the mixture together and carefully pour it into your chosen container, and then let it chill in the fridge. Once the concoction hardens, you'll have your very own tinted lip balm that you can also use as blush!

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