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5 Alternative Uses for Eye Cream You Might Know About

Make the most out of your eye cream!
5 Alternative Uses for Eye Cream You Might Know About
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Make the most out of your eye cream!

The people who named the eye cream may have been adamant about where it goes, but they probably didn't know how multi-purpose it really was back then. And if you ask us, they truly missed out. Ahead, we run down five alternative uses for this holy grail skincare product, so you can really maximize your potent pot:

1. Lip treatment

Eye creams have revitalizing ingredients that can be amazing for hydrating your lips and the general area around your mouth. Line-smoothing formulas could help reduce the appearance of lines on your pout, too! To prevent accidental eye cream taste tests, though, we recommend only doing this at night before you go to bed. If it's not hydrating enough, apply a layer of your go-to lip balm on top to moisturize and seal in all the benefits.

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CLINIQUE All About Eyes Rich, P2300, Lazada

2. Spot treatment

Some parts of our faces like the sides of the mouth and between the brows are more prone to fine lines than others, so it's important to always keep them hydrated. But instead of piling on your moisturizer everywhere, use your eye cream as a spot treatment. The more emollient texture of the cream will plump those areas and prevent premature wrinkles from forming because of dehydration. Eye creams with ingredients like retinol can also help it work double time!

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KIEHL'S Youth Dose Eye Treatment, P2575,

3. Neck cream

Speaking of treating wrinkle-prone areas, working an age-defying eye cream down your neck and decolletage will give you twice the amount of perks than a plain moisturizer.

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AHC Perfecting Eye Cream For Face, P1699, Watsons

4. Hand cream

Got an eye product that didn't work for your face? Repurpose it as a hand cream instead of tossing it! To save on product, only apply it to the back of your hands—that's where the skin tends to be drier, after all. Not only will you prevent flaky skin, your digits will fail to show your age, too.


5. Mixing medium

Just like face oil, eye cream is also one of your best weapons against cakey makeup. You can mix a small amount of it with a concealer that feels a bit too dry for your undereyes, or dilute a liquid highlighter that's too intense so you can achieve a more natural glow.

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CETAPHIL Hydrating Eye Cream+ Serum, P517, Watsons

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