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Agoo Bengzon Shares Her Beautiful Discovery

This beauty editor sure knows beauty inside and out.
Agoo Bengzon Shares Her Beautiful Discovery This beauty editor sure knows beauty inside and out.

Agoo Bengzon is no stranger to the beauty industry and she has developed a keen eye for what is truly beautiful and knows how to be one, especially on red carpet events.

"Working in the beauty industry, I need to look my best at any given time but of course, there's a lot more to it than stylish clothes and great makeup," Agoo says. "At the end of the day, it's all about the total package."

But keeping Agoo's hair photo-ready can be a challenge. Everyday, her hair is exposed to dust, pollution, heat and even chemicals from treatments and styling. It takes a beating from all these elements making it dry, frizzy and hard to manage. 

How does she maintain her crowning glory so it looks great and healthy? Agoo shares a beautiful discovery: Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner (DTC).

This is the next level in conditioning. A combination of the number one conditioner and number one treatment, ensuring each strand gets the nourishing power of hair treatment at the speed of a conditioner. "Just by using Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner, I feel like I've taken my look to a whole new level," Agoo adds. "My hair looks soft, smooth, and easy to manage, regardless of cut and style."


Agoo understands that shampoo is not enough. What her hair deserves is expert care from Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner that knows exactly how to take one’s beauty a notch higher every day. Cream Silk is formulated specifically for Filipina hair and has long been a partner in making sure that every Filipina’s hair is smooth, tangle-free and healthy gorgeous so she can be #BeyondBeautiful. 

Watch the video to learn more on how Agoo Bengzon levels up her beauty with the help of Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner:


Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner comes in four variants to suit different hair types: Standout Straight, Hair Fall Defense, Damage Control and Dry Rescue. Pick a variant that’s best for you.

Want to live the life of a next-level beauty? #BeautyUp and get a chance to win exclusive designer items! Buy a limited edition Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner #BeautyUp pack. Peel off the sticker to reveal your unique alphanumeric code.

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