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Bobby Carlos on five great foundation application tips.
Ace Of Base Bobby Carlos on five great foundation application tips.

Just in time to meet the warmer season, Max Factor launched Xperience Weightless Foundation–a collection of seven silicone free bases that can be layered for full coverage or kept sheer for a breathable base. The effect, the Xperience if you will, is balanced–dewy enough to look like you have nothing on, but matte enough to keep your face from looking shiny.

While at the launch of the product, we decided to pick the brain of makeup artist on hand, Bobby Carlos on his personal secrets on foundation. Here are five great tips we learned:

1. When picking a foundation shade, match the liquid to your forehead.

    Although others suggest testing the product on your chest area, Bobby says that matching the hue to your face is still the better route. He notes that although our faces do tend to be whiter nowadays due to brightening products and exfoliation, choosing a shade that is closer to your body than your face may lead to some embarrassing streaks. Humidity and sweating can lead to the make up melting off and thus revealing a different shade underneath–not pretty.


    As for the more popular method of testing the shades on your jawline, Bobby suggests the forehead instead. “When people look at you and talk to you, they look at your face upfront,” he shares.

    2. For the most natural result, use your fingers.

      “The heat that is produced when you rub skin to skin allows the foundation to blend more,” he observes. But for more formal events, a make up brush can be used to mimic an airbrushed face.

      3. When no shade seems to fit you perfectly, mix.

        Foundation can only come in so many colors. For those determined to match their color perfectly, you can opt to blend two shades together. Bobby shares, “It’s very ideal especially if you can’t find the right shade for you—as long as they’re of the same formulation. I don’t recommend using this with another foundation because it compromises the formula.”

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        4. Keep a light hand when applying foundation, especially around the eye area.

          The best way to apply your foundation is by patting it on. Bobby explained, “You don’t want to pull the skin. First sign of aging appears here [the eye area]. It’s the thinnest skin on the face so patting is really the best way.” Although it may take a lot more time then just rubbing all the product on, “Patience pays the best interest. Matagal pero you’re sure,” Bobby notes.

          5. Be wary of metal make up palettes, instead use the back of your hand as a palette.

            Sometimes mixing make up on metal plates can cause some acidity to change the color of the foundation. Instead, Bobby suggests using the back of your hand to heat up the liquid.

            Xperience Weightless Foundation, P995, Watsons. See the Store Directory for details.

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