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A Haircut That Saves Water

The ‘Rachel' is back, and it's surprisingly low maintenance.
A Haircut That Saves Water The ‘Rachel' is back, and it's surprisingly low maintenance.

Brit model Edie Campbell's famous hair transformation

On Monday for the first time in years, I sat down in the salon chair without–gasp!–a hair peg. I was at Basement in Shangri-La for the Aveda Cut-A-Thon–an annual fundraiser where part of the price of every cut goes to a clean water fund. Started in 2012, the botanical brand's eco-chic initiative has raised $220,000 so far–an inspiring, worldwide cause, except, well, I was feeling uninspired.

“How do we feel about bangs?” I asked creative director Stefan Wilczynski. Behind him was Hindy Weber-Tantoco in a newly re-cut bob.

“I’m feeling good about bangs!” pronounced the formidable Berliner with sure hands. He tugged at the ends of my shoulder-grazing hair and said he liked the length, but it was very flat at the top. “I’m going to give you layers,” he said.

In my head: the sound of a vinyl record stop.


Layers?? The word just summoned memories of The Rachel.

“I could also give you a lob...” he continued.

I frowned. Layers it was!

Save water! Don't wash your hair everyday. (This hair potion turns from powder to lotion to keep hair volumized but sleek - a reverse dry shampoo!)

Php1700 at Aveda, Greenbelt 5 and Basement, Shangri-La.

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He proceeded to chop away at my thick head of hair, brushing a section out, lifting up and out, then snipping at an angle. As he did this, he told me about his favorite drink at the German place down the street (1 shot vodka, 2 shots lime juice, and fill 'er up with lager.) He also took the time to inject snippets of hair wisdom, mainly how layering isn't the same as texturizing, i.e. when stylists hack at your hair with scissors like they’re in a knife fight. "Those cuts are very high-maintenance," he said, adding that they only worked for people who could get blowouts everyday.

After about 30 minutes, he finally cut me some bangs – side swept, puffed up ones that were a little Joan Jett and a lot Edie Campbell. I was amazed at how light my hair felt after. What's more, it only took his assistant less than 10 minutes to blow dry my hair, when it normally takes 30!


Stefan explained the reason for the unbearable lightness. “Layering is removing weight.”

Fluffing my hair, I reckoned it would also take less water and shampoo to clean. (Not that I wash my hair everyday - see above.) Who knew layers could be so eco-chic?

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