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A Girl's Guide To Layers Part 1

A Girl's Guide To Layers Part 1 Here's all you need to know when layering up your tresses.

[EDITED 10/17/2014 11:32PM]

As much as we love to pile on the sweaters and jackets, weather conditions in our country often times limit us. However, one way we can sport layers without having much to worry about is by rocking them in our tresses. 

Often times we get confused when trying to explain what we want to our stylists. Let's face it, not all of us can speak the language of hair. Usually we just bring a peg and hope for the better that our stylists, our hair, and ourselves are all on the same page.

With the help from a piece we came across at The Beauty Department, we list down a visual guide depicting the different types of layered cuts for you to show your stylist the next time time you visit the salon. Read on and let this be your guide for when you decide to get layered.

Click on the next page as we get started with blunt cuts.


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