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A Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Hair Color for Her Skin Tone

As explained in emojis.
A Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Hair Color for Her Skin Tone As explained in emojis.

Having A-D-Hair-D is one thing, finding the best color for your skin tone is another. As fun as it is to experiment with different looks, choosing the best hue for your mane attraction plays an important role in making yourself the most beautiful you. Because seriously, just because Kylie Jenner  is sporting pastel green hair doesn’t mean you should, too. Here's a quick guide on how you can find the perfect hair color that's most suitable to your skin tone.

 If you’re skin tone is deep


The whole idea of tailoring your hair color to complement your skin tone is to create a contrast so that your hair color does not wash out your features. This usually happens when the hair color is too close to the skin tone, making features disappear. Slightly lighter skin tones with warm undertones make great contrast with black but if you want to go a little lighter, opting for brown, mahogany, or toffee hues works well, too.


If you have cool toned skin…

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Again, remember that contrast is key. For cool-toned morenas, warm hair colors like golden blondes, honey almonds, and chocolate brunettes are most flattering. Think J.Lo or Beyonce.


If you have fair skin with warm undertones…

Play up your features with copper hues like vibrant reds or strawberry blondes. Going platinum will only make you look pale.


If you have olive skin…

The great thing about this sultry skin type is that you can play up the richness of deep earthy colors. Think rich browns with strategically places gold or honey highlights to give body and texture to your ‘do.


If you have fair skin with cool undertones…


The paler the skin tone, the blonder you can go. Blue-based platinum and champagne shades look great for girls with a cool undertone. 

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