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A Girl's Guide To Dudes' Hair

How to get the best mane for your main man.
A Girl's Guide To Dudes' Hair How to get the best mane for your main man.

Cady Heron once said, “your hair looks sexy pushed back.” True enough, a girl’s opinion on her boy’s hair is highly valued. Of course we want them looking fresh 24/7 and we all know it doesn’t end with just great clothes. But dealing with a man’s mane is a lot different compared to girls’. So here’s a quick how-to for getting a new do for your dad, bro, bud, or boo. From salons, to cuts, and products, we round up nothing but the best for your men.


Getting its name from the famous roman emperor, this cut is a go-to for guys from all over. Cut short with a fringe on top, its fuss free and easy to manage, giving guys that cool laid-back look.


If a buzz cut scored high on the SATs, it would look like this. With a name that comes from Ivy League roots, this cut was made famous by crew-team members who kept their hair short on top and shorter on the sides to keep it from covering their eyes when they went sailing.



Clean, modern, and fuss free, this cut makes men definitely look sexy.  It’s short on top and gradually shorter down the sides and back and basically looks like it fades into your skin. Others may opt for a longer top for a slick look but if your guy’s not one to be bothered with daily styling then short is the way to go.


It may have gotten its name from the infamous mistress of Louis XV but this cut gets its street cred from the bad greasers of the '50s and the king of rock and roll. Traditionally styled by sweeping the hair upwards with slick swept-back sides, the upgraded version keeps the sides and back short and long on top.


Illustrations by Maura Rodriguez