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Fake Bake

Testing Bianca Valerio's at home tanning service.
Fake Bake Testing Bianca Valerio's at home tanning service.

Pre-Tan Prep

A day before my scheduled tan, Bianca sent me a few guidelines for the service. This included exfoliating the day itself to remove dry or flaky skin, to swap my usual face wash for a non-soap cleanser, and to skip moisturizer all together (which would make it harder for the solution to adhere to the skin).

Actual Service:

Seeing as my first one-on-one time with Bianca was going to be a quite revealing one, I was just a tad bit anxious. After doing all my pre-service prep, I stayed in an air-conditioned room to avoid getting sweaty, which would again make it difficult for the tan to adhere. As soon as Bianca arrived, she first explained what the whole procedure would be like before airbrushing away.

The solution used was a DHA-based tanning agent, which is derived from sugarcane. Much like an airbrusher used to apply make up to the face, the contraption felt surprisingly refreshing against my skin.

Wearing gloves, Bianca patted the skin after spraying each portion to ensure that there was no streaking and that the color coated me evenly and naturally.

The best part? Contouring. Asking me to flex my tummy, Bianca added shadows to my existing muscles, to sculpt a leaner looking abdomen. She also gave me some much needed cleavage and more prominent cheekbones. The result was me looking like I had just spent a full week on vacay tanning my toned body all day under the sun.

Post-tan guidelines included wearing loose clothing and again, staying in a cool room to avoid sweating–both of which I must admit I wasn't able to follow. Having to rush right after to an event, I made the mistake of wearing a white shirt which left some brown spot stains at the back of my shirt. And because of the intensity of the sun that day, I was pretty much sweating the moment I walked out the door.

Bianca had explained that the full color of the tan would develop in six to eight hours. But while busy working, I forgot to check on the color for a bit, so I must admit I was a little surprised to see a much darker me six hours later.

The lighting in the office wasn't particularly flattering and I started to get a little nervous as I started looking more orange than tan! But since our intern, Mark swore that he loved my new color, I decided to calm myself and to wait to see what I looked like the next day in natural light.

I felt much more confident about the color the next day. It has settled into a nice burnt shade which was pretty close to my natural color when I do go brown. I also did feel kind of bad when I realized that I didn't have a pool party to go to, to show off my new flat (looking) stomach.

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