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What is your biggest beauty problem?
911 Beauty What is your biggest beauty problem?

After stripping away the piles of product we put on our faces daily, we've all got that one haunting beauty dilemna that no amounts of primer, concealer or foundation can make us forget. Whether it's post-pubescent acne or fine lines and wrinkles slowly settling into your laughlines, no matter how greatly we've perfected masking the problem, our search for the wonder product that will save us from the inconvenience is never-ending. So we want to know: What is your biggest beauty problem?

Although pimples are supposed to subside after puberty, I still get the occasional break-out.
No matter how many hours of sleep I get a day, I can't seem to get rid of my dark undereye circles!
Spotted: wrinkles and fine lines creeping in.
Sun damage and post-acne marks have left me with blotchy discoloration.
You don't need a magnifying mirror to see my enlarged pores!
I have to constantly powder and blot to mask my oily complexion.