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9 Things We’ve Learned From Celebs Who Can Pull Off the No-Makeup Look

It’s the perfect match to your messy ‘do.
9 Things We’ve Learned From Celebs Who Can Pull Off the No-Makeup Look It’s the perfect match to your messy ‘do.

The no-makeup look doesn’t mean no makeup at all. The end goal, however, is to appear as natural as possible. Score beauty tips and tricks below from the local celebrities who can pull it off.

1. You can totally ditch lipstick!

Instead, moisturize your pucker with a lip balm for that fresh, I-just-got-out-of-bed look. Heart Evangelista approves.

2. Long, curled lashes are non-negotiable.


It’s a must! Take cues from the Teen Queen, Kathryn Bernardo.

3. A coat of mascara won’t hurt.

Especially if you don’t have a naturally thick set of eyelashes, a little help from this magic wand will do you wonders to achieve those pretty doe eyes à la Liza Soberano.

4. Don’t overdo your eyebrows.

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Groom your brows and keep ‘em on fleek, but don’t go for overboard. Let Anne Curtis serve as your beauty peg.

5. Even skin tone is essential to nailing the no-makeup look.

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation is a big no-no! Follow in the footsteps of Bea Alonzo and go for that flawless au naturel finish.

6. Skin care is key.


The no-makeup look is so much easier to pull off if you have blemish-free skin, and Julia Montes makes it look like a walk in the park!

7. The no-makeup look can be sexy, too.

Who says you need smokey eyes and red lipstick to look hot? If Solenn Heussaff can achieve it with just bombshell waves and barely-there makeup, then so can you!

8. It’s the perfect match to your messy ‘do.

Let Julia Barretto show you how it’s done. Hashtag #iwokeuplikethis.

9. Wear it with the right attitude!

Channel your inner Nadine Lustre. At the end of the day, it’s about being confident in your own skin.

Photo credits: @mkqua, @abtkurniawan, @deniseochoa, @santiagoraymond, @johnvalle20, @tingduque on Instagram

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