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8 Reasons Why You Have Dark Underarms

Avoid these sneaky culprits whenever you can!
8 Reasons Why You Have Dark Underarms
Avoid these sneaky culprits whenever you can!

While a huge pimple in the middle of your face is an obvious confidence killer, dark underarms are just as bad, too! Girls with dark underarms often feel embarassed and end up limiting themselves—from avoiding tank tops like the plague to not raising their arms for whatever reason. To help you avoid it, Dr. Rhoda Espino, CEO of EliteAsia Aesthetic Center, lists down the eight common reasons as to why you have dark armpits.

1. Shaving 

 Shaving your underarms is the easiest and most convenient way to remove hair. But when your razor is sharp, it can create wounds on the underarm area. It has extremely thin skin and abrasion causes the skin to darken. Let's not forget that the constant friction when shaving is an obvious culprit, too!

2. Waxing

Another popular hair removal system, strong removal of the waxing strip can create skin irritation and cause discoloration of the skin in the underarm area, too!


3. Clothing that are too tight

If you like your clothes super tight, then heads up, because extremely tight clothing can cause friction, hence discoloration. Make sure to keep your closet full of stylish clothes that are made of stretchable and soft materials to avoid this problem.

4. Burns from over the counter bleaching peels

"A lot of my patients come to me because of burns [casused by] over the counter bleaching peels. Not only do they causes skin irritation, they can cause skin damage, too!" Dr. Rhoda shared. That's why when it comes to procedures like these, make sure to leave it to experts.

5. Overexposure to whitening soaps

If you do intend to use whitening soaps, make sure to avoid letting it stay on your skin for a long time. Instead, rinse it right away. Also, it's important to be mindful of the soap and its effects on your skin. Test the soap on a tiny area on your forearm first before using it—especially on parts where the skin is thinnest—such as underarms and bikini area.

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6. Deodorants and anti-perspirants spray

If you really must use deodorants and roll-ons, it's important to choose the products that you will buy wisely. Apply only a thin coat of deo and let it dry before putting on your clothes.

7. Excessive sweat

Believe it or not, excessive sweat can also cause dark underarms due to friction.

8. Genes

Yes, you can blame your parents for your dark underarms because the excess of melanin in the underarm area can actually be caused by your genes. Yikes!

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