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8 of the Best Makeup Brushes That Will Step Up Your Beauty Game

Celebrity makeup artists approve!
8 of the Best Makeup Brushes That Will Step Up Your Beauty Game Celebrity makeup artists approve!

Never underestimate the power of using a makeup brush. Though our ring fingers usually do just fine (especially during the lazy days), you’d be amazed at how big of a difference it makes when you’re using the correct beauty tool. Since we know that decoding the different types of makeup brushes might seem intimidating and rather confusing, we thought it would be better to enlist the help of the stars’ go-to makeup artists as they reveal their top picks.

These makeup brushes will forever change your beauty routine, so do yourself a favor and check them out below.

NARS Ita Kabuki Brush

“This is for sculpting the cheekbones, jawline, and nose line. Sometimes, I use it to bring out the eyebrow line. I have four of these because I can't get enough of them.” – Xeng Zulueta

“The Ita brush is perfect for contouring—intense contouring! It creates strong, sculpted cheeks and a defined jawline. It’s a go-to if you want supermodel bone structure.” –Jelly Eugenio


Bdellium 989 Inverted Face Blending Brush

“This is great for blending along the curves of the face. I like this for sculpting around the hairline, jawline, and chin.” – Xeng Zulueta

Laura Mercier Pony Tail Brush

“I use it a lot—for the eyes to achieve a soft smokey effect, to create a subtle nose line, and also for highlighting the brow bone, corner of the eyes,  apple of the cheeks, and cupid’s bow. It’s a multifunctional brush.” –Mark Kingson Qua

Makeup Forever Artistic Fan Brush

“Because I love doing avant garde styles. This is for anything!” – Xeng Zulueta

Sephora Pro Kabuki #82 Brush

“[Recommended] for sculpting the curves of the face!” – Xeng Zulueta

Sigma E05 Eyeliner Brush

“I always collect small detail brushes. One of my most favorite brushes is the Sigma E05 Eyeliner Brush. It has a perfect tip point that creates precise and accurate lines, making it easier for me to create the perfect liner as well as freehand lines for creative makeup.” –Katchie Mejias


NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

“My favorite brush is the NARS Yachiyo. For me, it has the most alluring shape for a face brush, and more than its beautiful appearance, it truly is multifunctional. It's my favorite cheek brush—you can use it for blush, contour, highlighting the complexion, finishing or setting powder, and for diffusing color on or around the eye area. The effect is a well-blended, sheer, and perfectly buildable application. Definitely a must have for every makeup artist!” –Jelly Eugenio

Hakuhodo S100

“I love using Hakuhodo brushes. I have few from the brand, for contour, loose powder, and seven kinds for eye makeup application. I love it because it gives smooth and even application. It makes my work easier. I love the S100 series of Hakuhodo!” – Mayesa Delos Santos