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8 Makeup Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip

Pack light, but pack smart.
8 Makeup Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip

Ticking off yet another destination on your travel list? These beauty essentials will make sure you’re selfie-ready whether you’re sipping a cocktail by the shores of Boracay or strutting down the streets of Paris.

1. Face base with SPF

Applied before your sunscreen, a face base with SPF will give you an additional layer of protection during summer or winter. A moisturizing cream formula works best for cold weather, while a powder base keeps you looking fresh in warm, humid climates.

2. Concealer

Go for one with a long-wearing formula like Revlon ColorStay  Concealer, so you can cover up zits and jet lag-induced under-eye circles throughout your trip.

3. Eyebrow product

Your arches frame your face, so don’t forget to pack your favorite brow products! Aside from your trusty powder or pencil, a brow gel or pomade will ensure your eyebrow game stays strong the whole day.

4. Eyeliner

A black or dark brown eyeliner can do wonders in just a few swipes. You can create a sexy cat eye for hot nights out, or you can use it to tightline your lash line when you can’t be bothered with eyeshadow.

5. Long-wearing mascara

A waterproof, smudge-proof formula is essential for keeping your eyes looking wide-awake and fresh.

6. Two lipsticks

Pack a lipstick for evening events and another for day use. Choose two shades that you can layer and mix together so you can create your own colors. Revlon’s Street Chic Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red is a classic crimson hue you can wear for both day and night, while Revlon’s Street Chic Super Lustrous Lipstick in Bare Affair can add an earthy color to your puckers for casual sojourns. Blend these colors to create a unique shade that matches your mood and outfit. In a pinch, these lipstick hues can also do double duty as a blush.

7. A versatile eyeshadow palette

Leave your giant 60-shade palette at home and only pack the colors you use on a daily basis. A smart four-color palette with neutral shades you can use for morning and evening looks will save you time and precious baggage space.

8. Makeup remover

Get one that can gently remove all traces of stubborn makeup and dirt from your face before you get ready for bed. Makeup remover wipes can remove eye makeup and foundation in one quick step, and they’re spill-proof, too!Visit Revlon’s Facebook page to learn more.

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