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8 Girls With Cool Hair Colors From Csb's School Of Design And Arts

#GrannyHair, don't care!
8 Girls With Cool Hair Colors From Csb's School Of Design And Arts #GrannyHair, don't care!

Are you still in dire need of #hairspiration for your summer look? Well, fret no more because these girls from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde’s School of Design and Arts will certainly steer you clear of getting gray hair from worrying too much about an inspo drought. Ehem. Isn’t #GrannyHair trending on instagram right now?

Andrea Borja

Who said white hair makes you look old? Simply mix it up with a few streaks of lavender or any other light colors, and you’ll definitely trend in your own local street scene. Need proof? Go take a peek at how Benildean Andrea Borja pulled it off.

Gabs Gibbs

If you’re thinking of getting deeper colors, try to go for turquoise or fiery red with dark roots. Multimedia Arts student Gabs Gibbs, whose #hairspiration ever since 4th grade was Hayley Williams, gives us an overview of how multicolored hair never goes out of style!


Cine Escalona

Here’s another gray-getter, Cine Escalona. We just can’t get enough of these girls who were bold enough to go silver, and were able to #werq it. If you want to sport an interesting colour though, mixing different hues can also prove to have stunning outputs! Just learn from her current look, which is featured in her feed—a hip fusion of midnight blue and alpine green.

Cee Villarruz

You can always just choose to go plain gray. But, if you’re feeling playful enough, you can also take it a level further by using gray as a base color and dyeing it with shades of light metallic colors to achieve that chalky pastel hair like Cee Villarruz's.

Janina David

There is a saying that blondes have more fun, but dark-rooted blondes enjoy themselves the most. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the fresh instagram feed of another MMA student, Janina David. And if you still feel doubtful, then go ahead and try it out for yourself!

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Thalia Barantes

Feeling unsure if your parents will let you get away with changing your hairstyle drastically? Dip-dyeing experiments will always be there as an option for you. See how Thalia Barantes did it multiple times and so uniquely!

Keira Kibanoff

Want to go for a more bad-ass look? Then maybe sporting deep violet hair is the route for you, just like La Sallian Keira Kibanoff. You’ll definitely stand out from all of the brunettes on the beaches this April.

Carmina Aglipay

Meanwhile, here’s a brighter version of Keira’s deep violet hair. Digital Film student slash hip-hop dancer Carmina Aglipay does it spot on with a lighter base and a mix of a few gray streaks.

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