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8 Easy Hair Care Tricks for the Lazy Girl

Get healthy hair without moving a muscle!
8 Easy Hair Care Tricks for the Lazy Girl Get healthy hair without moving a muscle!

Hair care can only become complicated if you want it to be. Healthy, gorgeous hair is actually not that difficult to achieve once you have your basics down and you pay attention to the little things that are secretly damaging your locks. Trust us, you don't need a ton of steps and products to make your #hairgoals come true. And to prove it to you, here's our ultimate lazy girl's guide to fuss-free hair care:

1. Wash your hair every other day.

Many people recommend only washing your hair two to three times a week, but in a country like ours, that’s just too much grease to handle. Skipping one day on the other hand gives your hair enough time to replenish its oils. It’ll save you some shower time, too!

2. Use a sulfate and alcohol-free shampoo.

Sulfates and alcohol strip your hair of its natural oils, making it dry and frizzy. Opting for a sulfate and alcohol-free alternative is one of the easiest ways you can solve and prevent hair trouble, so investing in some shampoo that will last you for a month or so is not too bad.



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3. Mix hair dye with hair conditioner.

Wondering how to maintain colored hair when you’re too lazy for frequent salon touchups? Easy. Just mix a few drops of your hair dye with your hair conditioner and it’ll give your color a soft boost.

4. Don’t use hair conditioner often.

Losing hair in the shower is normal, but we all know it becomes quite alarming when we use some hair conditioners. Even if the product says it’ll only work if you use it daily, try cutting it down to about once or twice a week to prevent excessive hair loss.

5. Baby powder.

Baby powder is the all-purpose grease solution. Shake some onto your scalp to absorb any oil and sweat after a workout or your daily commute without using expensive dry shampoo.

6. Get a haircut to get rid of split ends.


 Don’t waste your time on “anti-split ends” shampoos and conditioners. The best and only way to get rid of split ends is by simply cutting them off.

7. Don’t brush your hair directly after getting out of the shower.

Post-shower hair is usually tangled from all the scrubbing. Let it air dry while you get dressed and do your makeup before you brush through it to lessen hair breakage and sore arms.

8. Do a hair mask once a week. Or month.

It can be a salon appointment or an at-home coconut oil hair mask. Treating your hair a minimum of once a month is a must, no matter how lazy you are.

Keep all these in mind and you'll be prepared to whip your hair back and forth in no time!

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