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7 Ways to Nail the No-Makeup Look, According to Alicia Keys

Going barefaced has never looked this good.
7 Ways to Nail the No-Makeup Look, According to Alicia Keys Going barefaced has never looked this good.

The secret to Alicia Keys' gorgeous no-makeup look is out. Her makeup artist Dottie had an interview with W Magazine, and she revealed the singer's secrets to achieving skin that glows naturally. Read on to find out her pro tips!

1. Get facials regularly.

Even if you don't wear makeup, your skin is still prone to breakouts and irritation. Visiting your derma often to get a facial treatment ensures that your pores are clean and healthy.

2. Moisturize with oils.

Alicia uses jojoba oil to give her skin a soft glow and to moisturize it at the same time. Find what works for your skin and watch it replenish its texture and hydration levels.


3. Define your brows.

For her The Voice appearances, Alicia's makeup artist fills in her brows with individual lashes! It may take a little more time than a pencil, but it does look infinitely more natural.

4. If you have freckles, enhance them.

Freckles make the no-makeup look seem more natural, and Alicia defines hers by dotting an eyebrow pencil over them to make them appear better on television.

5. Try facial rolling.

We know it sounds odd, but it really makes a difference. Alicia uses a jade roller to keep the blood circulation in her face going and to prevent lymphatic damage. It even has firming effects, too!

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6. Use a hydrating skin care product as an alternative to highlighter.

The product responsible Alicia's glowing cheeks is actually a facial serum! It's a smart trick that makes your highlight look natural.

7. Watch your diet and exercise regimen.

Having healthy skin and a happy soul always starts from within. Don't neglect your diet. Eat enough healthy food and keep everything balanced. Doing exercise is a healthy way to release toxins as well so make sure to have your physical activities in check.

Main image by Paola Kudacki

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