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7 Major Signs It's Time to Get a Haircut

Are you bored with it yet?
7 Major Signs It's Time to Get a Haircut Are you bored with it yet?

Below are the major signs you're already in dire need of a new haircut:

1. Tangles, tangles, tangles everywhere!



When you find yourself always struggling to brush the knotted ends of your hair, it's a sign that your hair length doesn't fit your lifestyle anymore. Plus, forcing to untangle the knots may only lead to breakage. You may prevent this by conditioning hair like there's no tomorrow, or you can make your life easier by snipping it all off.


2. You always put your hair up.

 If you're styling your tresses into a messy bun or a ponytail every single day, then it's a sign that you're not too happy with wearing your hair down. Also, this tells that you already find it hard to maintain and love your current hair length. 

3. You think it's boring.

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You're underwhelmed with how your hair falls. This means your current hairstyle lacks shape, and this isn't flattering at all. Maybe what you need is a major hair makeover.

4. It's harder to style your hair. 

 Do you find that your hair falls flat no matter how much you blow-dry or curl it? Then it's high time for a hair reboot—your locks are too heavy already.

5. Split ends and straw-like strands become mainstays.

When your locks are dry and brittle, it's a signal that your hair is tired. The nutrients from your scalp can't reach the ends, which makes the tips frizzy and lifeless.

6. You've had the same hairstyle since you graduated.

You have grown so much since you were a fresh grad, so it's only apt that you pick a new 'do to suit your present lifestyle and age.

7. You just want to!

It's an unspoken fact that women cut their hair whenever they're about to enter a new chapter of their lives. If you're feeling the winds of change, then gather haircut ideas and rush to your favorite salon stylist. Schedule that snip to uplift your mood!


*This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.comMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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