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7 Eye Makeup Hacks for the Eyeshadow Hater

No more complicated eye looks!
7 Eye Makeup Hacks for the Eyeshadow Hater No more complicated eye looks!

There's a good reason why eyeshadow isn't usually found in makeup starter kits. It takes a while to master the art of proper blending and color combinations, and it's generally intimidating for a beginner and time-consuming for the lazy makeup user. But here's a secret: there are tons of other ways to do your eye makeup that won't involve eyeshadow (or at least make it a little easier to use). Check out some eye makeup hacks below.

1. Use cream eyeshadow instead.

We know we said no eyeshadow, but you were thinking of the powders, right? Cream eyeshadow is so much easier to apply with your fingers and they last all day even on oily eyelids. Many of them come in interesting colors, too!


IMAGE Laura Mercier, Maybelline

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick Color in Moonlight, P1250, Rustan's; Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded, P375, Watsons

2. Go summery and use blush.

Whether you're a peachy or pink type of girl when it comes to blush, we're sure it'll look good on your eyes. Repurpose your favorite cream or powder blush to apply a fresh-looking eye makeup!

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Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Pinched, P875, Watsons

3. Repurpose your favorite lipstick.

Who needs cream eyeshadow when you have lipstick? You can use a matte formula for a budge-proof wash of color or you can go for a glossy look by using one with a sheer finish. Just tap away, blend, and you're done!

4. Use your highlighter as an eyeshadow.

Strobing doesn't only mean applying highlighter on your cheekbones. Pump more shine into your look by lightly swiping your glow enhancers all over your lids and inner corners with your fingers or a brush if you're feeling fancy. It's impossible to mess this one up!



3 Concept Eyes Marble Highlighter, P1002,

5. Create a quick smokey eye with an eye kohl.

For smokey eye lovers, invest in a creamy kohl liner that you can apply thickly on the lashline then blend upwards. This will not only prevent you from putting black eyeshadow on the wrong places, blending will also take less effort. Fun fact: Victoria Beckham swears by this technique as well!


IMAGE MAC, Estee Lauder

MAC Cosmetics Eye Kohl in Smolder, P1100, Rockwell; Estee Lauder SuperNoir Shadow & Liner in Blackest Black, Rustan's

6. Hide veiny eyelids with concealer.

Having visible veins on your eyelids isn't much of an issue to be concerned about, but if it's what's stopping you from using eyeshadow, there's still hope. Use a longwearing concealer all over your eyelids instead of an eyeshadow primer to hide the veins and provide an even base. You can even stop there and simply apply mascara to finish off your look!

7. Use sponge tip applicators.

Sponge tip applicators are very useful for eye makeup touch-ups because of their size and disposability. The soft sponge and pointed tip make them ideal for smudging eyeliner and highlighting in hard-to-reach areas like the cupid's bow and the inner corner of your eyes. 



Try these out and be your own makeup artist!

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