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7 Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know by Heart

Makeup cheats for the chick that can’t be bothered.
7 Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know by Heart Makeup cheats for the chick that can’t be bothered.

As therapeutic as it is to spend the entire morning perfecting your strobing technique and no-makeup makeup look, laziness sometimes gets the best of us. (Come on, not all of us have access to a glam squad like Kim Kardashian.) Still, our laid-back demeanor shouldn’t stop us from looking fab, right? So for those of you who can’t be bothered with the whole beauty shebang, check out these few makeup hacks that’ll get you all dolled up in no time.


1. Open up your eyes by swiping blush across your eyelids. That’s one more use for your fave blush. 

2. Get the most out of your brown eye shadow by using it as brow powder and eyeliner. The trick to it is using different brushes: an angled brush for your brows and a dampened liner brush for your lash lines. 

3. Create a smokey eye in three seconds by running a shadow brush loaded with brown shadow over the top and bottom lash lines simultaneously. Simply close your eyes, run the brush through, open, and blend out. But if you’ve got a minute to spare, try this smokey eye hack:

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4. Swipe on a bold lippie and ditch eye makeup altogether. A pop of color always does the trick! 

5. Use lipstick as blush. Use your fingers to gently blend it on your cheeks.

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6. Fill-in your brows. It’s the fastest way to look younger and put-together.

7. Use your phone light to determine where highlighter and contour powder should go. Hold up the light right above your face and highlight the illuminated spots and contour where the shadow falls. 


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