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7 Acne-killing Products Every Girl Needs

This is the list you've been waiting for.
7 Acne-killing Products Every Girl Needs This is the list you've been waiting for.

You wake up to a sunshine-y day in a chirpy mood, excited for a date, that promotion you’ve been waiting for, or simply in high spirits because you just a good night’s sleep. But then you look and the mirror and boom, there’s a zit right smack in the middle of your forehead.


It happens to the most flawless of celebrities, brides on their wedding day, and to every other girl in this world. When an annoying sitch like this occurs, you can't run and you can't hide, what you need is magic. Magic that zit zapping products contain, that is. Below we list down gels, oils, and ointments, and even a foundation that promise to vanish these unsightly dirt or bacteria-caused flaws. Scroll down to see. 

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Finally, a foundation that won’t aggravate your zit prob! The best way to kill acne is by cleansing it and applying only the needed product. But there are days when one simple cannot go without wearing makeup. Happy Skin now has the answer to this beauty emergency as they release the ZZ cream. The product promises to immediately reduce redness, pimple size, and swelling, all while still providing you with the coverage you need. 

Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream, P1299, Happy Skin available in Rustan's Makati, beauty Bar, and Plains & Prints.


Prone to pimple breakouts? Beauty expert, Belo, has come up with this new product that actress Sarah Geronimo swears by, the Acne Pro pimple fighting gel. It’s a clear gel with a slight cooling sensation that is mild enough not to burn your skin, but strong enough to kill the bacteria.

Acne Pro pimple fighting gel, P99.75, Belo available in drug stores.


Not a fan of products that smell like actual medicine? Give Celeteque’s acne spot corrector gel a try. It’s gel formula allows your skin to absorb the product immediately sans the sticky feeling. Invisible once applied, you can even reapply during short bathroom breaks.

Acne Spot Corrector Gel, P169, Celeteque available in drug stores.


Clinique is brand we’ve tried and tested when it comes to skin care products and their emergency gel-lotion, which is aptly named by the way, is no different. Small enough to fit in your arsenal,this gel product can be used under your makeup minus the stinging effect other acne medications have.

Acne solutions emergency gel lotion, Clinique


For the more sever kind of breakout, popular acne treatment brand Panoxyl, is your bet. With varying chemical percentages available, it’s best to classify your condition first. You don’t want to end up going for the strongest variety for an itty-bitty zit. When using this, make sure that you don’t over apply so you won’t end up harming your skin even more.

Panoxyl acne gel 10%, available in all leading drug stores.


A favorite we’ve had from our high school days, The Body Shop’s tea tree oil has fast-drying effects that still amazes us until now. It’s one of those classics that one cannot simply outgrow.

Tea-tree-oil, The Body Shop.

Mario Badescu is world famous for “ instant-gratification-in-a-jar” and this is for a good reason.  Their drying lotion is known for being an excellent spot treatment that contains Calamine and Salicylic acid that clears up those unwanted zits as fast as in can get.


Mario Badescu drying lotion, available at Rustan’s.

Just remember, all these products won't work if you don't cleanse prior to using them. Read how to boost the power of these magic potions through the proper layering technique.

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