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6 Ways to Treat Yourself So You Look and Feel Fresh for the Week Ahead

Start the week with a clear head.
6 Ways to Treat Yourself So You Look and Feel Fresh for the Week Ahead

We can all agree that it's not easy to get breaks between hectic weeks. And those of us who actually manage to find some downtime on weekends spend most of it wishing that Monday didn’t have to come so soon. Bummer, right?

Instead of lazing around at home (although there’s nothing wrong with that, too), you might want to consider using your free time to pamper yourself. Below, six ways to treat yourself before a new week begins:

1. Get a facial.

Elevate your skincare by visiting a boutique spa that offers non-invasive special facial treatments. There are clinics out there that offer targeted facials to treat specific skin concerns that can give you a refreshed glow just in time for Monday.

2. Try a new haircut or hairstyle.

You don’t need to go through a bad breakup to experiment with your hair. Open your Pinterest page and look for a hairstyle you’ve been meaning to try, or roll the dice with your go-to hairdresser and have them suggest a style that fits your personality and face shape. Want a bold, new profile? Try edgy blunt bangs or the trendy milk tea hair color.

3. Splurge on new makeup.

The only thing better than a sickening beat face is a beat face done with new makeup. Invest in makeup that can double as skincare for that fresh, guilt-free glow up, or experiment on makeup trends that could eventually become your staple LOTDs.

4. Book a massage appointment.

Being constantly stressed can leave your body feeling sore. A massage can help alleviate the tension and get you in a relaxed state by increasing blood flow to the brain, particularly in areas associated with stress and mood. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, make a visit to the chiropractor for a thorough adjustment and realignment of your spine to help relieve any chronic pain.

5. Get your nails done.

Say it with us: Nothing beats sitting on a plush couch and getting your hands and feet pampered in a relaxed environment. Coming back to work with trimmed nails and a gorgeous polish can be enough of a mood booster and motivator to start your week strong.

6. Pamper your hair with a mask or a wrap.

Remember how you felt every time you had a good hair day and people noticed? Whatever the reason, maintaining full, healthy-looking, and shiny hair can help give you that extra oomph and confidence to beat those deadlines and nail those presentations for the coming week.

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