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6 Tips To Beautiful Eyes

Make your eyelashes look fuller with these mascara tricks.
6 Tips To Beautiful Eyes Make your eyelashes look fuller with these mascara tricks.

I have been obsessed with long lashes ever since I met Betty Boop as a child. I don’t know why, but it’s the first thing I notice in a person. While other girls notice a guy’s smile, built, or I don’t know, height maybe, I on the other hand look at their lashes. I guess the fixation came from the fact that I am not gifted with long and thick ones that I adore so much.

Given the unfortunate circumstance, I made it a mission to find ways to get my lashes the boosting it very much needed. I’ve been through it all—from spider lashes and ugly and hard to remove clumps, to, of course, raccoon eyes—but it was because of these horrible mishaps that I learned a thing or two about mascara. Scroll down to see a few tricks I learned in all those years of trial and error.


A common error women make is pumping the mascara a few times before applying the product. The movement allows air in that dries up the mascara which causes the flaking. It’s better to move the wand in a circular motion to get the right amount of product without letting too much air in. Oh, and don’t forget to scrape off excess ink before applying.


This is probably the oldest trick in the book. Start from the roots and wiggle your brush left and right while moving up to the tip. The process makes sure that you cover all your lashes with a good amount , also leaving more of the product at the base making them look thicker.


Actually, you can triple coat if you want to, it really depends on the mascara you’re using. Just know when to stop.



Lightly dusting powder on your lashes before adding the mascara (or in between coats) gives off a longer and thicker effect! All you need is a regular baby powder from the grocery and you can bid goodbye to the hassle of putting glued-on falsies for good.  


If you haven’t heard of this trick, it simply means combining two different colors to add more dimension to your peepers. Go ahead, try marrying your usual black with brown, blue, or purple if you want and see the effects yourself.


I’ve heard a lot of people saying that putting mascara from the top works wonders. Give it a shot, it might work for you, too. Just be careful when applying so you don't end up smudging product on your lids.

Go ahead, ladies, grab those wands!

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