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6 Foolproof Ways To Look Fresh

Who doesn't want to look mabango?
6 Foolproof Ways To Look Fresh Who doesn't want to look mabango?

We always go on about how we get weak on our knees over guys who look mabango, but newsflash! It’s not a one-sided thing. The guys would like you to look and smell the part, too! And you have to admit, knowing that you’re fresh and clean is an instant confidence booster. You’re simply more daring and carefree when you know that you have nothing to worry about where the olfactory senses are concerned. Below, foolproof ways to ensure maximum freshness 24/7. 

1. Wear White



Wearing all-white will never fail at making anyone look fresh! Trust us, it’s one of our best kept fashion secrets.  

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2. Groom yourself.

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You don’t need a glam team to look presentable. Just be sure to do the simple things like brushing your hair and tying it up for a clean look when it’s scorching hot outside. Your hair sticking to your face because of sweat can make anyone cringe.

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3. Shower with a body wash. 

It's already a given for you to shower everyday. But if you want to step up your scent game, use a body wash that can leave you smelling magical the whole day. That's exactly what you'll get with the new Lux Perfumed Bath Collection

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4. Wash your hair everyday. 


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Oily hair is the enemy and just dry shampooing every other day simply won't cut it. We live in a tropical country so don't believe it when you read that you shouldn't shampoo everyday. Picking a fragrant one won't hurt either. 

5. Always carry mints with you. 


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Mints should be a staple in every woman's purse. They can be life savers in unexpected encounters. That said, it will leave you feeling fresh literally from the inside-out. 

6.   Use perfume. 


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Of course, the best product for boosting your body scent is a perfume. Find one that best represents your personality and stick to it. You can then call it your signature scent.

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