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5 Weird Foundation Tricks That Actually Work

Are you willing to give these a try?
5 Weird Foundation Tricks That Actually Work
Are you willing to give these a try?

The makeup world is getting crazier by the day—100 layers of mascara, anyone?—but for every ten bad tricks, there are two or three good ones. We’ve put together a rundown of the most effective among them, ranging from amateur “eureka” moments to legitimate tips from the pros:



1. Apply powder before your foundation.

Now, we know what you’re thinking—this is a violation of literally everything we’ve ever been taught to believe about makeup. Powder comes last for a vast majority of the makeup-using population, but for professional MUA Wayne Goss, using powder to lock in your moisturizer and primer will accomplish the following: you’ll save on the amount of foundation you use, your foundation’s coverage level will increase, and your undereye area won’t be as dark. Sounds too good to be true? Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

2. Use a dry Beauty Blender.

You shouldn’t use a dry makeup sponge to apply foundation, because the whole point of using a wet Beauty Blender is to keep makeup application as streak-free as possible. But to sheer out your foundation, to get rid of product fallout, or to set undereye concealer with powder, a dry Beauty Blender is the way to go.

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3. Add a drop of oil to your foundation.

It's quite unclear where this strange makeup tip originally came from. While some say that this is, once again, Wayne Goss’ doing, others claim that popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill started the trend. Either way, this is a godsend for girls whose skin tends to dry up during the Ber months. One or two drops of oil should do the trick, and your mattifying foundation will leave a dewy effect on your skin, keeping it moisturized for longer.

4. Test foundation on your nose and underneath the eyes instead of on your jaw.

Sooooo here’s the thing: people say you should test your foundation on your jaw to avoid the dreaded “mask effect.” That is, when you end up looking less like Princess Mia and more like Phantom of the Opera. But because the sun tends to hit the inner parts of your face (e.g. your nose, the apples of your cheeks) more than anywhere else, picking a foundation that matches your jawline could spell trouble come summertime. Instead, test your foundation under your eyes to see how well they cover up undereye circles, and on your nose to see how it stands out against the outer parts of your face. As for shade matching? Make sure the foundation matches your chest, not your neck. That way, your face tunes up with the rest of your body.


5. Use downward strokes.

When it comes to applying liquid makeup, we’re taught to go at it with upward strokes, for a “face-lifting” effect that keeps skin from looking sallow. But some makeup artists have argued that using downward strokes is a better strategy. Think about it: the little hairs on your face grow downward, so applying foundation in the other direction is bound to make them stand out even more.

Question is, are you willing to give these weird foundation tricks a try?

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