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5 Ways You're Doing Your Eyebrows Wrong

Avoid these common eyebrow mistakes, stat!
5 Ways You're Doing Your Eyebrows Wrong Avoid these common eyebrow mistakes, stat!

If you feel like you need to amp your arches, read on to avoid committing these mistakes and making them eyebrows look off and wonky.

1. You overpluck your brows.

Don't get trigger-happy when you tweeze your brows or pluck them using a magnifying mirror. When you overtweeze, you lose your brow's natural shape and you tend to look older with thin brows. If you're guilty of this mistake, you can use a brow and lash serum to regain their thickness.


2. You use a brow product in the wrong color.

Anything that is too dark or too light for your arches will appear drawn on. While bold brows are the hottest thing in beauty, seeing a pair of extremely thick eyebrows will remind others of Bert from Sesame Street instead of Bea Alonzo. Ideally, your brows should be two shades lighter than your hair's color (well, except if you're sporting blonde or candy-colored tresses). But if you want a shade that works for all hair colors, grab an eyebrow product in taupe, which is basically neutral brown with ashy tones.

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3. You don't know where your brow starts and ends.

The inner brow should start right by the bridge of your nose. For the tail, use a pencil and place it diagonally at the side of your nostril and line it up with the side of your eye. Your brow should end where the pencil hits your brow bone.


4. You draw brows like a stamp.

One-dimensional arches look unreal. To avoid this, use a lighter shade of eyebrow product on the tail and inner brow, or you can use one shade all over the eyebrow and simply soften the mentioned areas with a brow mascara or spoolie brush.

5.  You force them into a different shape.


Although you're licensed to be jealous of Megan Fox's sharp arches or Jessica Alba's Korean-inspired straight brows, these fantastic eyebrow shapes may not work for you. Work with the brow shape you are blessed with. Better yet, have your eyebrows groomed by a professional to bring out their excellent face-framing qualities.


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