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5 Ways To Add Va-va-volume To Your Hair As Demonstrated By Taylor Swift

Get tips from T-Swizzle on how to fight flat and limp locks.
5 Ways To Add Va-va-volume To Your Hair As Demonstrated By Taylor Swift Get tips from T-Swizzle on how to fight flat and limp locks.

Suffering from lifeless hair which almost always causes you to just tie it up in a bun or a pony? No worries, because today we teach you a few tips on how to make your crowning glory light and bouncy, the way it should be. And since we know you guys are very visual beings, we decided to use a muse. And who better to teach us a thing or two about hair than the girl who knows hairography at its finest? Taylor Swift is already in on it, so if you're ready, simply scroll down. 

1. Use the right shampoo


Every hair woe starts with your shampopo. The first step in achieving hair that is light and bouncy is by finding the right cleaning product. Make sure to choose one that will bring out your strands' natural shine, health, and personality. Know your needs: if your problem is having limp hair, you're not supposed to use the anti-dandruff variety, you should instead be looking for one that focuses on volumizing. When it comes to your conditioner, just use a small amount because the softer your hair becomes, the flatter it gets. 

2. Massage your scalp


Yes, exactly like that!

Not only does it feel good, but massaging your scalp also clears pores of follicle-blocking sebum. Over production of sebum leads to greasy hair that can cause lifeless tresses. 

3. Blow dry

Of course, we're sure you already know this trick by heart. On days when you have extra time, or if you want to look your best for a special someone, a blow dryer will always save the day. Add in a bit of texturizing sea salt or hair spray to make it last the whole day. 


4. Whip your hair back and forth

Like this

or like this


or this

Obviously Taylor's favorite step, this is one trick we should all learn. Just flip you hair back and forth (preferably once only though). For that messy but sexy look, all you need to do is toss your hair down, spritz some hair spray, and finger comb your hair a bit. The key is in waiting for at least 30 seconds before you flip your hair back up to give the product time to set. 


5. Scrunch it up

Gently like this

or with #feels like this


No need for a comb or anything, it's all in your hands. See how Taylor makes it look so effortless and sexy? That's how it' should be done. 

Follow these tips and we promise you hair full of life and bounce ala T-Swizzle. 


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